Friday, August 19, 2011

103: May Seventeenth And May Nineteenth And May Twentieth

May seventeenth, I was invited to the Sneakerpedia launch release put on by Footlocker I believe via my roomate by way of another friend. There was open Bacardi I believe. Bun B performed on the small stage, with PHLI Jeff, Greg Street, Mayor, Statik Selektah, and various other personalities, including Jeff Carvalho who I ran into. Greg Street was rocking these Wu-Tang Dunks and Bun B rocked his Space Jam Air Force One Bespokes. 

May nineteenth, I was shitting around the city on my bike.

This is on Fifth street and Bedford Avenue. I think that is an Invader piece up there in the corner. SelfEdge New York just recently got a bench with their name burned in the corner. Thomas's cigarettes and coffee on there, without of coaster. Andrew might get upset.

The soccer game at Sarah Roosevelt field I believe. This rickshaw is balling with lights and subwoofers under the seat.

Of course, here is my first time in Times Square. I liked/hated it. Tourists suck. Dumb tourists especially. 

May twentieth, I saw some interesting sites like this Nike "Earned, Not Given" billboard on Wooster and Houston, and the death el camino.

Tomorrow, a post on what I did for my birthday, May twenty first

Nzokubona junza

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