Monday, August 1, 2011

94: 5/2 - 5/9

May Second, waiting on my flight and the wings of New York at night.

May Third Bedstuy roof view and lamb over rice halal food

Subway stickering

May Fourth of being a tourist. The Apple store on 5th Avenue along with the Converse Soho store.

Fat Cheng's combo.

May Fifth this is some burrito near the 4th Street ACDEFM subway stop by Chase Bank visiting Drew at Coffee Foundry.

May Seventh included times with Adrienne and Diana at the Brooklyn Flea Market.

We at Asia Dog. I had the Sidney and Mash

The Roofstop without a slant photo

Me and Diana met Drew at the New Museum on Bowery to see the projections on the side of it. This museum's architecture reminds me of the Walker or Weismann museum of Minneapolis.

Afterwards, we went to some art exhibit in an old school.

The subway ride home yields Kodak moments.

May Eighth presented the Knit bike in front of BlueInGreen

May Ninth brought me to Washington Square park with Howard and Joey and their shorty friend.

After meeting with them, I headed to hit up Ant before his travels abroad to Japan again. Congratulations to his second child on the way.

After the meet-up I went to Joey and P.M.E.R. to hear the practice session somewhere in Brooklyn which I do not know.

Mbae mi lukem yu bakegen

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