Friday, August 12, 2011

97: The second half of May Thireenth; Oddfuture concert

So May thirteenth, people were doing a photo shoot or video near the Standard Hotel, visible here in the background.

I walk to the Highline Ballroom for the concert and there is a very long line. Here is an image of the line in front and behind me. You can not even see the end of the line.

This is sydTHAkyd, the DJ of the group with her opening set.

The crowd reacting here and energy visible for the performance.

Syd continues here.

HodgyBeats on the mic and varsity here with Tyler in the Background.

JasperDolphin in BBC denim jump-suit and LeftBrain giving a fuck about a fuck.

Tyler returns after a wardrobe change.

MikeG giving a song or two here.

FrankOcean's first public performance live. Mad bitches loved him.

Videos of the performances from this coming up next.

Kwenda mbote

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