Sunday, August 21, 2011

104: May Twenty First, My Birthday

So the twenty first was my birthday. I was in New York. I went out to some festival with Krystal and Jerry I think. We went to some parade and festival in Tompkin's Square Park and smoked some blunts here and there. This was two months ago, so I do not remember the day the greatest except by what story the photo tells.

This was along the walk to Jerry's

We went to Jerry's to get him in the after noon time. Jim Joe tagged up his rooftop and block.

The park was crazy. Check out the mad creeper in aviator shades. The impromptu band below started jamming after the music was shut down by the police (FUCK THE POLICE).

They have a cement table tennis with fencing net in the park. Fuck yeah.

We walked to Dumpling Man and copped some soup dumplings also known as surprise dumplings. After a bite into them, there is a broth that is inside. That is ginger slivers on top.

After the dumplings, we continued back to the roof. 

After the roof began a trip to Ty's. There were chicken wings and friends and video games. The day capped off well.

These last photos are pictures of the going away gift that was for Anthony? Some special Remy Martin boxed set.


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