Wednesday, March 10, 2010

men vs. women by: Jenai Dulaney

men & women are both one and the same
women just live from the heart
while men are guided by their brains.
see; a woman is brought up with love in her nature
and she’ll make sure to have it before her last breath escapes her.
men are plain and simple, most are nonchalant
just respect them and be loyal; thats all they really want.
if women were more like men
and men were more like women
this world would be a better place
we’d all feel like we’re winnin.
but reality has shown us…

you men want to complain about the gold diggin groupies
but flash all your cash & take pictures wearin Gucci
talkin bout your benz’s & suicide doors
got girls ridin shotgun in some sh*t that aint yours.
if you would have took the time to look some women in their eyes
you would have seen from the beginnin all they saw were dollar signs.
so really who’s to blame; is it YOU or these chicks
wana be known for what u buy; why you think you got picked?

ladies, ladies, ladies dont even get me started
runnin round screamin that every nigga is cold-hearted
maybe they treat you the way that you let them
you complain hes disrespectful but turn around & profess him?
as a woman i know so im just speakin the truth
we always givin that same excuse, “i just need MORE proof!”
you should know when to leave; you love him but that dont mean he’ll change
got you callin other women you dont know out their name
well they know just as much as you and to them you dont exist
think about that next time; she might be an innocent b*tch.

instead of standin behind each other; we choose to break each other down
we define & demean - we talk sh*t & we clown
“that b*tch is broke” or “that nigga is a bum”
even if we aint got money the person we f**kin gotta have some.
quick to call somebody out on somethin they dont have
but if we get blasted we take it personal and get mad.
no one said life would be fair but we dont make it any better
rather worry about the next man and not have our OWN sh*t together

maybe yall wouldnt run into groupies if you pursued real women
and maybe yall wouldnt meet dogs if you paid more attention
when you find someone you gotta learn to set the bar
either we will be loved or we’ll just be gettin f**ked
sadly, some of us never know which one we are.

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