Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TV Show Addict

As of late I have become a TV Addict.
I have torrented Entourage and How I Met Your Mother back episodes. I caught up with each show up to date so far. I've even kept up with The Big Bang Theory and 24. There are other shows I need to catch up on such as Lost, House, CSI, Dexter, Weeds, and probably many others. I have been watching many movies as well. I have been not going to as many movies in theaters. That shit is expensive, like ten dollars a ticket. Recently I've caught Alice In Wonderland in 3D. It was over-hyped so much. That movie utilized 3D in a way that didn't enhance the cinematography. Avatar used this well, Alice not so much. The best part of movies here that I go to, only five dollars Monday through Thursday. I go to the movie after work. I usually grab a ticket and then head to Chipotle across the street and Cub Foods for 'concessions'. I usually get some Goobers and Charleston Chews, or Sour Patch Kids or other various candies for under a dollar or near that in relation to the few dollars one pack costs in the stands.

Yesterday, I had two double chocolate chip cookies , a macadamia nut white chocolate chip, a Red Bull, and a twenty ounce of water for Linner, the combination of lunch and dinner. The weather is getting better, so it is nice enough to ride to work and home these days. The weather ranges from thirty to forty in the mornings and forty to sixty at night. This is chilly enough to stay cool once warming up during the ride. I need a new saddle( old one is worn and narrow), bars(low-rise, I want higher), bike lock( lost mine one the third Friday last December), and ergonomic waterproof spacious backpack(current situation is I have a Supreme blue Sunbrella one for 'winter' and the riding bag is beat with over four years of use).

I am going to try to update this more consistently as that is for the better.

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