Thursday, September 22, 2011

115: Agenda from July Eighteenth

So the Agenda trade-show for the east coast took place in New York City. It was held at the same time as Capsule next door to it in the Chelsea Art Center on the west side of Manhat tan. Many brands were in attendance that I were a fan of. Standouts from my perspective were Herschel Supply Company and Publish.

After attending both west and east coasts versions of this travelling show, I preferred the west coast edition. The east coast edition felt lacking in the loosely used word 'scale' or 'friendly' sense of description. I did like how the place was separated using different floors for different organizations or maybe exposure. My description of the show was that it seemed everyone was there heavy on the business perspectives it seemed.

I was there as a guest of a friend who was supervising one of the booths. I met good people such as @agendachristine, @rymanator, @nelsonbrittney, @agendatrad and some others escaping my mind right now.

After the first day, Dave Ortiz, formerly of DQM, had a reception for one of his current lines being carried in his new shop, "Dave's Wear House", NVRBRKN, which is a sub-label of DC. The line has potential for good growth, I dig it. There is some videos of that after the Agenda video.

Shout outs to Red Bull, Heineken, Ace Hotel and all the other sponsors.

Here is a video from the show by the beverage booth.

Nanahoost'en si

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