Monday, June 30, 2008

Case Of The Mondays.

Well.....had an interesting time last week. We had a food fest at Vince's on the Tuesday 24th. Here are some random pictures I finally uploaded and edited.

Here is Anthony, Me, Eric, Mitch, and Nate with Ella, Vince's Doggie.

Here goes Mr. Eric Rieger Taking A Awesomeness Polaroid!

This is one of those cool, reminiscing back to the summer of '08 kind of pictures. A picture of the Polaroid! This shits extinct now since Polaroid decided to stop producing Instant Film. They prodcued enough to last until 2009 apparently though. This is Anthony, Mitch, Me, and Kelly.

This is Adam, and then Adam with a Polaroid in front of his face, and then us. This is what you would call "Campy".

Here is my WDYWT post, including yesterday, which I slacked on because of work and being busy.
False, In4mation G-Shock, APC NS, P-Rod 2 Cement

Nike Tennis, In4mation G-Shock, APC NS, Nike ATC

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