Saturday, March 12, 2011


Late like shit as fucking usual. This is a Friday night. I began the night at Tucker's and Rachel's going away party. Both are moving to California because Tucker will be director of a division with Etnies I believe. Rachel, I am not sure and I believe is along with as current girlfriend. These photos here are at the Red Stag.
Dave, Serene, and Vince strike a pose here when I have my camera out rapidly firing away. The photo next shows the masses. There were a few people I knew, many I did not( I am always 'working', in solitary confinement, in better terms, of Southdale).

The girl of the event and Serene on right. Friends or friends?

Serene has this fun camera called the Fuji Instaxfilm or something like that captures novelty photos similar to photobooths. This is an array of the various photos taken in the night so far.

Aaron Christensen, resident skater of the cities and rider for Adidas Skateboarding? Serene with her camera as I took my camera. 

After taking the few above photos, me and Serene walked a few blocks from the Red Stag to Honey, walking and hustling along the chilly night there. Honey has the "Bee Cool" event tonight along with BadNRad guest performing.

These are two photos, while the blondie is newly acquired friend or frequent partier, Gigi. Awesome name right? Nice green nails as well.

Bach snoozing. Betsy wondering, "huh?". I do not know if that is for me or towards Bach.

This is a photo of the mass at HOney, and then a weird group collage of Betsy, Droo, Kate, and Jake in motions.

Good night.

Ma as-salaamah

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