Saturday, March 12, 2011


This was a Tuesday night. It would be Jessie's birthday at midnight. The pre-festivities were at Justin's home which is a few blocks from me and my usual bus stop. I went by and this is what was there.
There was puppy chow, a dog, many people, salsa, red velvet cake, and booze. I would say the other thing as well, but my paranoia stops me.

The left photo is an image from the top of a mini bong that was on the table. The right photo is like a winter skateboarding training indoors home-made machine. The bottle is a two liter that is filled and capped. The board is on top of it and you balance and do spins on top of it as such in the pictures.

The right is after the cake candles has been blown and such. One of them Kodak moment type things.

The spicy salsa and everything else on the table for the most part.

The dog aformentioned.

I drove Bri's car to the West Bank as I was near sober, and having only one shot. Before these photos, we all headed to the Triple Rock, and then moved to the Nomad after about a half hour or hour or so. I did not take too many photos.


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