Monday, July 7, 2008


Work and life really slows down your bloggin'.......

Flat fucking tire the day of the bbq at V's I think it was.....

Vince's most successful attempt at a 3some.

Here's pictures of the shindigs that happened at Dustin's grillout in front of the place. What a drunken event.

Tony Looking Huh?

After work on Sunday, a scorching 95+ muggy afternoon. These are our bikes chillin' at Chiang Mai Thai

We headed to Calhoun afterwards. Rode around a lap. We were trying to catch fish with a hook and sponge for bait. I got wet trying to swoop with my hand in the water on the dock. I bounced out with the quickness at about 830pm to V's to start my laundry there. I then went to Kowloon before closing and grabbed grub. After that, went and hit the second pack of laundry to V's. Heres some pictures from the dock I think

Heres our most favorite picture of the day


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