Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Boy Illinois - Inhale Part 3 Mixtape.

Chicago hip-hop is alive and well in the after Kanye-era. The Boy Illinois drops his third mixtape entitled as in my headline title. If you have not done yet, go the and download the first two segments. Listen to them front to back. After listening, download part three. You can notice the progression along the production and emceeing in your ears and mind. You can even see the evolution in the covers alone, from a boy to a man, as best to say it. He even has a new website as well now as you will notice from his site. He goes from rapping over others productions and in a sense forcing his flow onto others to original productions where the production and lyrics with his flow are meshed today co-existing harmoniously.

He raps about real life as usual. There is the sterotypical hip-hop things about glorifying of materialism and talking bullshit, but it seems to be about things that are a little deeper slightly. The concept and layout of tracks link to each other smoothly.

Secret Society. All We Ask Is Trust. Chuuuch #NT

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