Monday, October 18, 2010


So last night I missed the early bus again. I caught the next bus and headed to Uptown. I caught the twenty one to Nicollet and Hennepin. I walked from here to Quang's. I stickered the crap along the way to there. I decided to try the pork chops with crab meat pie or whatever this time with a tri-color dessert. I walked to the corner and took the bus like two blocks. I took this a few more blocks to catch a different bus. After the second bus, I was walking and then my roommate saw me and then I got a ride for a few  blocks home. I ate and watched the newest Jersey Shore I believe. I actually do not remember too much from last night. I do remember a dope fucking dream over the night. I went to sleep about ten at night since I had movies queued up to be downloaded and I was bored or tired and had just eaten.

The dream began at the airport. It was me and 2 Bruce Butlers. One black, one white guy. We are in a corridor with fresh new grey paint on the walls with a tag I see. I grab my black Sharpie and let my buddy go tagging up at the semi new wall. It already had some tagging on it, which is why me and them decided to take a risk on it after looking around to see if anyone was around. My buddy tagged the wall with the throw name. I tagged with something smaller of my name or a sticker. I don't know what I tagged it with. We hurriedly left though. While walking away, there was a security guard, who happened to be one of the guards that works at Southdale, in my dream, following me and tailing me. I see a doorway to a stairwell and duck into that going downstairs. I do not know what happened with my friends after we tagged the wall though. I ducked into the bathroom outside the first stairwell door I rushed out of or whatever. I walk into the stall pretty quickly and try to close the door behind me. I see the guard guy come in behind me. I also then see police officer in black uniform or whatever behind him them. I noticed that the inside of stall has been tagged with stickers as well. This is the part of the dream where I wake up and it disappears.

After this I am up for like two hours. from like four to six in the morning surfing the internet. That is pretty much the summation of yesterday for the most part.

Paalom na po

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