Thursday, October 7, 2010



The Twin's game began at five and not seven thirty like I thought. I find out it began via Twitter, when I looked down on it. I have three computers at my counter for work. A internet with point-of-sale interface Mac mini computer, a OG Macbook Pro fifteen inch matte screen for music and movies and data and media, and a ten inch Samsung N120 black netbook that is my daily home mobile computer and media center. I have too many computers at my fingertips.

What did I do yesterday night?
I watched the Twin's baseball game until close. When I left at closing time, the score was tied three to zero. I get home, a half hour away, and the yankees are up four to three, WHAT THE FUCK!? I get home and catch the rest and surf the internet some more. I usually am on twitter, facebook, blogs, or hypebeast forum. I am also on eBay quite a bit looking up my usual searches. I watched the game disgustingly until the end. The game finished pretty late. I go to sleep.

I wake up and head over to work. It is Thursday. I sort of want to do something, but not having my bike, Vince out of town, Nate working, most others working or school, people I texted do not reply back, seems my choices are shit.  Oh well, I will figure out something for Friday or Saturday, one of the weekend days at least. Most of the weekend will probably include watching the Twins and cheering them on via at work or home if applicable, whether they are losing or not. Apparently the umpires are shitting on  Minnesota dreams quit a bit as well, so I have heard.

I watched Resident Evil, the new one, at work today. It had some good action sequences, other than that, same story, or lack thereof, different names. I like stupid movies. I am not paying for them though, full price anyways. That is just bitch-made or simping shit, yeah you can go to a movie theater on a weekday. Who cares if you do not watch the movie Friday or Saturday? The movie sets up for a sequel of course. I also watched another episode of The Wire. I sold a couple things. Tomorrow awaits, Friday. 

Au Revoir.

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