Thursday, October 21, 2010


Continuing. I planned to watch The Next Karate Kid last night. I ended up falling asleep to it again. I have short term memory. before I got home though, I dropped by Chris's place by Tiger Sushi in Uptown. It was on Lyndale Street. I fell asleep on the bus and missed the Hennepin and Lake street intersection stop. I ended up waking up at there at that intersection and getting off at the Uptown Transit Station, the next stop. I started walking to go to Chris's but saw the twenty one so I caught that at the station and rode it to Lake and Lyndale corner. I plastered Vs stickers from Lake to Tiger Sushi. Chris has a nice ass studio. His shoe/closet was pretty nice as heck as well. The place is nice. We chatted about shits for awhile. I left his place about ten or ten thirty. I plastered stickers along Lyndale and Lake street some more on the way home. I do not think I could function well without my bike, music, sneakers, and maybe, maybe caffeine.

I drink like two or three cups of caffeine a day. It gets me started. I thought about whether I should continue to even do this blogging even though I am off of my thirty for thirty days crap. I am probably going to eyedea's benefit tonight at Honey MPLS. Tomorrow night, I can finally ride my bike. I am praying it does not pop on me.

Today has been nothing but little kids. It is MEA weekend, so they have a four day weekend. I finished watching The Next Karate Kid and 500 Days Of Summer today. I have like four or five more episodes of the third season of The Wire.


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