Saturday, October 2, 2010


Last night I got home and it was Get Cryphy dance night at First Avenue's Record Room. I ate the Philly pastrami sandwich and fries from The Great Steak & Potato Company to get some greasy kind of lining for my stomach.I also bought a Red Bull from them as I would not be able to go to the gas station before.

I get home and sort of surfed the internet for a good forty five minutes instead of napping before going to downtown. I showered and headed out. It was a chilly night. I had a polo, khakis, coach jacket, and some Jordan ones. I brought my ear plugs as well.

I walk to the bus stop and see the six going by me (FUCK!), so I check my phone and it is only forty seven after, I think there is a six U still to come. I end up walking to the Uptown Transit Center. I get  there and wait for the next bus, but not before two drunkard homeless bums get on the bus before I do. I get to downtown after like fifteen or twenty minutes, which it took so long because of Twin's traffic and a few theater shows along Hennepin Avenue. I hit up the ATM at Block E to grab twenty and go to The Depot to grab dollar cover passes from the waitress that Eli left them with before leaving for the night. I grabbed those and headed to Cryphy. I get there at about eleven thirty or so. I see many familiar faces outside and then inside there as well. It got pretty packed quickly as usual. I had my drink of a vodka red bull. I went to get a second drink and I do not know what heard me say, but it was some kind of cranberry drink that he ended up giving me. I had both these and danced the night away for the most part. I gotta waste away the calories that are empty and stockpiled during the week. Fuck, I get home and see that some cranberry or something got on my coat jacket mesh lining and is red. I have to wash that along with the pants and polo since there is probably other booze or water that spilled on it.

At the end of the night, I gave some Chevrolet Avalanche a pisser in front of his bumper on the way to the bus stop. I got on the bus and got off by Chino Latino. I start walking to Caffrey's or SuperAmerica, expecting to have a late night meal courtesy of one of those places since they open late to either half past two in the morning or even three. I walk until I see Sawatdee Express by Stella's open. It is two thirty when I get there. I decided to get some spicy chicken pad thai instead of the hot dogs or deli sub that I planned to get. Once I get the pad thai, I run from Sawatdee to my place which is about like four to five blocks away. I ran because I wanted to eat it while it was fresh and hot instead of when it is cold, which would not have tasted so great. Iate while in bed and went straight to sleep after.

Then comes today. I wake up tired. I still feel crap like symptoms still. I watched Manchester United play a crappy game and tie zero to zero. Fucking A, United is still behind Chelsea.

Tonight, probably chill and not do shit. I also sold two pairs of shoes that I bought. I have made a profit off buying those two already; I just need to flip this third one and get maximum profit. Today, or yesterday became the first day or start of not shaving all winter. It will be weird for the first few weeks or so:(

PSA for Minnesota: Creative Recreations are not whats hot. Looking like you shat in your pants with your ass out, also known as diaper ass, is not hot. You and every other person has their own brand, why does yours stand out? Why are you trying to compete for the 'underground' customer? What makes your brand 'authentic'?

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