Thursday, October 28, 2010


I did not eat shit after breakfast yesterday. I got home and wanted some pad thai, but when I got off the bus, the place's door was locked. It was cold and really windy last night. This morning I saw some smaller tree pulled out of its roots while taking the bus. The wind was bending the trees last night pretty hard without breaking them. I felt it like it was a push by someones hands. I did not feel the wind on my body though since the Supreme North Face Expedition is 3L and windproof and heavily water-resistant. I bought that shit for like under half of retail. I get home and order two pizzas from Dominos. I ordered two two-topping mediums. One of them had sausage and bacon on a hand-tossed crust, while the other was thin crust with Italian sausage and mushroom slices. I fucked up by ordering the thin crust and did not realize it until I got it and opened the lid. The delivery driver was cool with the parmesan cheese and the crushed red peppers packets. I killed at least one of the pizzas. I was unable to get the free Cinnastix though since the code did not work online. I tried to get it and some reason my order would not go through. Once I removed the Cinnastix, it allowed my order to go, but I tried to add it after removing it, and then it said it was already used. I was able to track the process of the pizza from prep to bake to delivery, that was cool, the online tracking. It is a crazy system. I watched episodes of The Wire and ate the slices. I went to sleep about one thirty I think, I do not remember. I am amazed I remember the amount of things I just typed because I did not remember much of it after thinking about what to write for today's entry while I was on the bus.


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