Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I watched the majority of the football game I think ast night. I talked to Anna via Facebook chat for a little while. I ordered a Blue Cow and potato salad from Caffrey's. I tried calling there three times, and each time it was busy and there was no pick-up. I was getting ready to order two two-topping medium pizzas from Dominos after chatting with Nate and Drew on AIM. The fourth time I called, they answered. I ate my Blue Cow and watched The Switch with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. It was a lame rom-com. The premise was interesting, but the overall was lame. I am sad for whoever paid to see this crap. I watched The Wire earlier at work and finished that, then queued up the torrents for season four before going to bed. I went to bed pretty quickly around midnight or one in the morning. I remember walking in the rain three blocks from the bus stop to my place at night, that shit sucked as it was raining pretty hard. I do not know much what else to write except my mind just had a brain fart and I am closing work now.

My trip to New York City is delayed as well thanks to Vince's return being delayed as well.

Pirkano paye yan

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