Saturday, October 23, 2010


So I got to bike for the first time in a while last night. I ride and feel semi winded. I had a new gear ratio of forty eight sixteen. I was planning to get Four Loko, an alcoholic caffeinated taurine blend beverage. It is like twenty three and a half ounces with a twelve percent alcohol level. It comes in nine different flavors. Apparently it is dangerous because the alcohol accelerates the effects of caffeine, resulting in a much higher  heart rate and blood pressure, leading to possibly a heart attack. People drink one or a few slammed down and such or something like that, this is what the 'specialists' are afraid of. The price is significantly cheap as well. You can get like four Four Lokos for like seven dollars about. I went holy shit. You can get shit-faced for under ten bucks without having to go out.

I ended up going to Henn-Lake Liquors, and they did not have it. I race over to Lake Street Wine And Spirits to try to grab one. I get there and find out they do not have them. The Mexican tenant there said something about it being prohibited because of it's size or something. He was crazy. I ended up copping a Honey Crisp Crispin twenty two ounce. I get home and start drinking it, poured over ice. I tinychat with the Hypebeast forum dudes. I chat until I finish the Crispin, which ends up being around eleven thirty. I get on my bike and ride that to First Avenue, buzzed out. I get there and it is pretty dead for the moment. It ended up filling with friends and such to semi full and not look empty. I ate a few Gushers packets along with a few rolls of Fruit Roll Up and drank a cranberry Capri-Sun. This all got me on a sugar high through the rest of the night.

I end up dancing the nineties along with the rest of friends and people at First Avenue. I leave at like one thirty or so. I end up chilling outside at that time with some other friends and such. When I leave, I caught the two eleven bus across from Se7en. I ride that to Lake and Hennepin, then ride to Sawatdee Express to get some spicy chicken pad thai for a late night meal. I eat and watch the majority of an episode of The Wire. I end up going to sleep with a full stomach at about three thirty or so. I end up waking up a few times during my slumber to go use the bathroom.

In the morning around eight forty five to nine in the morning, I was in a half slumber and semi-nap. I dream of getting an infraction on this forum that I frequent online. It was weird. You are allowed  three infractions, once those three are received, your screen name is banned. I dreamed I had two infractions. This seem strange because I knew I only had one last time I checked, which is a few days ago. I wake up and realize this is a dream then at this time. This is the second dream I remembered and was able to blog about. Ever since Inception, the idea of where do dreams end and begin comes into mind, so a new topic of my blog posts will now be somewhat about that if I can focus hard enough to remember them and make a note as soon as they end in the mornings.. The longer that it is left unwritten about, the more likely it is to diminish.


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