Sunday, October 17, 2010

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This was Wants Vs. Needs night. I got home around like nine thirty. I surfed the internet until about ten thirty. I hopped in the  shower and shits. I rode the bus that picked me up at like eleven at thirty second and Hennepin. I DID NOT GET TO WASHINGTON AVE AND HENNEPIN UNTIL LIKE ELEVEN FORTY! FUCK. I drank a Red Bull before going on the bus. I was hyped and fast walking to Club Jager. I was plastering stickers along the way as well. I got there just short of giving out shirts time. I grabbed my three shirts. I was going to give one as a presesnt to Becca for her Birthday, but gave it to Mel, because she seems like to be more grateful for the shirt as she comes to many of Wants. Her birthday is near the end of the month, so it was sort of an early present. She is probably one of the most interesting unique personas  I have met, almost like a female version of myself. Another shirt is going to myself, and the third going to Joe Garvey in New York City, who came up with the wants Vs. Needs I think it was idea or something like that. I thought he should get a couple of the shirts since he is missing a hell of a time in Minneapolis, but still having a good time himself in New York City with the Alife situation. I met many, many Facebook and Twitter 'friends' in real life tonight as well. It was cool as you could say. I had my ear plugs on again. My hearing perception was fucked. I got Petey Entourage season seven via Universal Serial Bus hard drive as well. I swat myself off some calories again. It was ironic seeing Becca at Wants, but not Laura, especially with her saying "Wants isn't my thing, thats Laura's". Ronnie Brown and some new friends were made at the event as well. It was him and their first time at the event. Ronnie did not get a tee, because the music did not stop to give out tees, which he thought is what happens. He got his shirt from Espada, who traded his tee for Yaphet's tee that Ronnie was wearing in a shirt trade. I saw Angel and another friend of hers as well that night. I forgot her name, she was cute too. Other highlights of the night, getting a drink from Petey and getting drinks pretty quickly from the bartender dude that usually gets my drink. Tonight I had a Grain Belt Premium bottle to start, then ended up drinking only another Summit pint. I walked home from Jager. I got home at like three thirty or quarter to four. I walked along with Tron who had his bike. He ended up laving to Pizza Luce downtown. He grabbed something to eat there. I was busy stickering the south side of Washington Avenue. I was talking a mile a minute on the way home while by Tron. I sort of remember the conversation, but not really. I ran out of the stickers I had currently by Minneapolis Community and Technical College. I was dancing to my iPod's music all along Hennepin through Loring Park to the Walker to my place along Hennepin. The streets are amazing in the early morning when there is no one on them and nothing but silence except my music on the iPod. I found some metal rod at Loring Park as well which I used like a cane or wand as a self-defense weapon type thing if someone came up to me at along the way. I was listening to the Secret Society volume two mixtape. I think I will call my iPod the iPodge now.  I remember taking one of the Hydrocodone/APAP pill on the bus to downtown as well.  My left side of my jaw feels semi-sore since I have been eatting harder foods on the left side. I went to sleep at like three thirty or quarter to four. I woke up at eight thirty to try to get to the shop as soon as possible to get to the shop to watch the Manchester United game which they drew zero to zero.

I know, this your feelings with regards to this post probably as it is one big catharsis thought with minimal structuring.

Saturday night I decided to get pad thai and watch a movie. I got off the bus at Hennepin and Lake Street. I see Betsy Roseberg, a friend of a friend, across the street. I think it was her. I am one of those people that does not say hi unless I am sure. I do not like to look funny raising my hand and saying hi to someone I do not really know. I head to Sawatdee Express. The door is locked. I see a white guy eating inside watching television though. I try calling the phone inside. I get no response or even anything. I end up stickering the pole in front of the place. I was getting ready to leave when I see the guy that usually works there coming. He was hitting the Henn-Lake Liquor store. He copped a Budweiser for the white guy. I got the chicken pad Thai with spiciness added. The price and quality and quantity is reasonable. Amazing Thailand's pad thai costs like thirteen dollars or more, whereas the one here costs six. I got home and ate the pad Thai. I watched some of V For Vendetta as well. I could not finish it, so I paused it and surfed the internet some more and slept. I ended up finishing the movie today this morning. The ending fight sequence where V kills Creddy and other cops is amazingly sequenced and filmed with the accenting of the knives and everything. Truly a wonderful movie. I passed on going to Lee Greenwich's Hands High dance night at Honey because a. I did not want to pay a cover fee of $3 at a new spot really, and b. I was pooped out from the night/morning before. I listened to The Diplomats mostly at work today. I had fun answering usual retail questions as well. I also tinychatted with this dude that works at Commissary in Orange County. It is one of the few retailers that can carry Supreme retail-wise, which is pretty impressive. Interesting place.

À la prochaine

ps: three more entries, or is it four? before I just entry regularly and begin my Twitter mania along with Facebook.

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