Tuesday, October 12, 2010

21 22

Sunday. This day sucked sort of during work. I was kept busy with customers though. It was nice outside I believe, but people kept coming in. This day was "aight". Afterwards I went to Popeyes. I took the twenty one to it. I ordered the three piece combo meal. The three pieces of chicken came with a biscuit, a side, and drink. I had a strawberry Fanta for the drink and cajun rice for the side. They gave me two jams and four Louisiana hot sauce packets. I walked home and watched Piranha after doing some sticker pasting along the way home. That movie was definitely entertaining. It was so gore filled and stupid it was funny, along with the gratuitous nudity. The movie easily earned the R rating rightfully. The movie so sets itself up with a sequel. The sequel will probably get the same amount of buzz as this one got as well and come out surprising many people as it surprised me. I tinychat'd some more and then snoozed early I think. I do not remember too well as it was Sunday night.

Monday. I remember I woke up this morning with some kind of lucid dream that had a few friends in it. I do not remember what it was about anymore though as I did not jot down a note of it after it happened and I woke up in the morning after it. Today was a gorgeous day and it was the holiday celebrating the day Columbus discovered America and that there are not just Europeans in this world.
The Vikings played this day as well. I decided to watch the Vikings instead of "It's Kind Of A Funny Story", which I will be checking out tonight instead. I went to see the football game at Uptown Cafeteria instead. I ran into Romeny and Cathy there. They left at half time to go to Sushi Tango. I stayed. I caught most of the second quarter and the second half. I had a Summit EPA, a water, and their happy hour bacon cheeseburger with fries. The fries were wack, the burger was decent, and the price was good. The bartender was cute. Some other dude that was flirting with her weeks before at the Independent came by. It was funny listening and watching the two talk shit about each other. He talked shit and then went to the bathroom, then she talked shit about him while he was in the bathroom. The shit was about bickering and shit and the tip which was a dollar for the three Miller taps and a hot dog with fried chips. I would go there again, for only happy hour food or bar things, but not for regular food. I would only go there if offered dragged along with other friends. Every negative thing that people have said and written about the place seems to be true, or else it was just maybe my experience as well. They did have an unprotected wireless internet connection, which was a plus and minus. I watched the Vikings lose, then headed home.

I find out Vince is going to be in Korea for a few more weeks as well tonight. He was supose to be on a plane and be back to the USA the twelfth. FUCK MY LIFE. Few more weeks of eight in the morning wak ups to after nine in the evening work days.

Today, "It's Kind Of A Funny Story" tonight, along with Becca's birthday galactic bowling tomorrow, and Wants Vs. Needs party on Friday night, ending a 'busy' week.

Auf Wiedersehen

EDIT: FUCK. "It's Kind Of A Funny Story" is not playing downtown, but playing Southdale, and only at ten fifteen at night. FUCK, not having a working bike sucks. Guess stay at home movie it is. Tomorrow is International Suit Up day. Get with the fucking program, because I will be.

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