Saturday, October 16, 2010

Random drunk thoughts

Lowkey, I am very anti-social. People think I am an asshole for that probably as well.
Deleted some people off my phonebook:l I do not think I should have contact with those people unless it is in real life, and even then, barely want to speak to them. In other news, I did get two shirts from Wants tonight. One goes to either Vince or Garvey, the other to my archives, which is missing only one design.


ps. FUCK Manchester United Red Devils match in the morning, game starts at nine o'clock central standard time. My eyes leaning low as fux right now too.

pet peeve: people that reply hours and hours later, or do not reply.

pps. Mark Zuckerberg live blogging this shit. Some things might come to bite me in the ass, but what life is living with second thoughts?

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