Friday, October 8, 2010

The Find: Ralph Lauren Grey Sweatpants


Heather grey sweatpants are almost as classic as blue jeans to me. I've been obsessed with finding the perfect pair for over a decade. Most of the ones I've bought the last few years have been pretty close. But it took the god Ralph Lauren to get it just right this Fall season.

I'm not saying these are perfect because there are a few missing details that I absolutely love like a crotch gusset, reinforced knees, and more of a salt & pepper marled loopwheel fabric. But in the last ten years these are absolutely as good as it gets as far as tailored sweatpants. Thank you, Mr. Lauren. You made my afternoon... Being a self-proclaimed sweatpant elitist (they really exist) like myself, let me wax poetic for you guys...


"Unfortunately these gems are not available online yet. So I took a few photos of them on my floor (myself, not an assistant... Really.) The concept of taking photos of my clothing is really lame to me. But I can't figure out another way to show you how amazing they are besides maybe filming a Test Shot..."


"Zipper fly with two button hidden closure and drawstring. You had me at hello. You see the problem with most sweatpants is the cock outline. Yeah, I said it. Even when you wear boxer briefs the infamous cock outline is still there. Just check my man, McQueen above. Straight cock outline. With a proper zipper fly you're good money."


"Two back pockets with flap and button closure. Functional belt loops... Fuck outta here!"


"Dart detail for a proper fit. You can sag in these if you like but I prefer a proper tailored style in my sweaties."


"I'm not down with that flared boot cut look in my denim or sweats. No disrespect but that's for the Biergarten types. We go right up the elevator to the eighteenth floor instead. Keep it fitted and hemmed."


"The last touch is the name. Bleecker. Say word? Coincidence?... Maybe."


"I know the Steve McQueen reference is sooooo tired and you deserve better from me at this point. But that motherfucker is handsome as fuck and his sweatpants actually fit him. And.. well... my mom made me watch all of his films like a thousand times when I was a kid. So that's been my reference point. Sorry guys..."

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