Friday, October 15, 2010


Last night was pretty lame as fuck. I get off the bus at Hennepin and Lake to hit up Sawatdee for pad thai, but I plaster some stickers around that intersection on my way to it. I see the door is closed.  I get up to it and it is shut. FUCK.

I end up walking home a few blocks away and finish the rest of my sticker plastering. I get home and surf the internet some more. I go heat up some Roundy's Cream Of Mushroom soup in a can with milk. I did not know that milk 'curdles' when heated/boiled. This made it hot as hell too. I pour this into the bowl, and bring it to my bedroom. I put it on the table, but improperly grab it with my right hand and it tilts with reaction due to the heat. The shit spills on a corner of my netbook and on the table. I have to wipe as much of it off with a laundry shirt and do the usual blow while on spoon routine, while surfing. FUCK.

This is mostly all done with an episode of The Wire season three in the background on the external monitor and surfing the internet(strangely I have a few 'internet' friends, people I have never met, some not even seen), chatting to Nate, Becca, and Masha. I talked with Nate about random shits. Nate sucks because his phone is dead or temporarily disconnected due to his retardedness in paying the phone bill, so he iChats, Facebook chats, or Twitters until he resolves that. Becca, I hit up randomly every now and again. I hit her up to see how she was since the night before, seems she drank a lot. She was shit. She threw up at work and was asked to leave work early, and then was in bed before that and after apparently all day feeling the repercussions of the night before also known as Birthday. She said her whole body hurt and some other shit. She had like ten beers or so, five before the bowling. I went holy shit, I would have been making constant trips to the pisser because I can not hold my piss for anything. I suggested things to help, but she seemed to sick for that or so, she seems complicated. She was upset in an argument or so like that with more details, but I will not divulge that on here. She is a hard person to read sometimes, or maybe it is just me. Masha, I just hit her up because Carlin came in to work last night and said she said something about me being at Wants and I was a common friend of theirs at it. I said yeah. I hit her up to because, I do not know, I should talk to new people, even if me and her have just been mainly Facebook friends, which these days is the equivalent of 'myspace friend'. She is an interesting character. It seems she has had bad luck with the police for basic driving troubles. She got her driving license suspended and then multiple parking tickets and then expired tabs, the list goes on and on. It was so ironic for me because the guy that works at Zumiez here in the mall had a similar case as her with the suspended license part.

I ended up watching RED as well. RED stands for Retired Extremely Dangerous. It is a movie that just came out today. I will not say I downloaded it either, because that is illegal. While watching. all that I was focused on was Mary Louise-Parker also known as Nancy Botwin, marijuana mother from Weeds. I finished the movie at about one thirty or so, then fell asleep, and woke back up around three thirty or so again. I surfed the internet for like an hour, then back to sleep, and then to today fast forward. Today I will be going to Wants Vs. Needs tonight at Club Jager. My right arm feels weird today, like if I squeeze it, it feels sort of hurting. I did take a Vicodin before watching the movie, then I went to sleep after that.

T-minus 5 as well :D


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