Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Last night I went to watch 'The Social Network' which is a dramatization of story of Facebook's creation. It was directed by David Fincher along with some no name actors with composser Trent Reznor on the mood music. The movie starts out very awkwardly with Mark and Erica in a college bar on a date. I will leave it at that simply. The movie follows the sorting of ownership of the previously next-level facebook.

David Fincher cinematographical shots were varied and the wardrobe fit very well. The tone of mostly seriousness with some comedy, but not saying, "Hey laught at this part!" type comedy. The five dollar movie was unfortunately decently packed, with about twenty people in the theater along with myself. Yes, to me that was packed. What was worst is that one fat dude with one average dude both sat like 5 seats to the left of me. I like my seat too much. I wish the two dudes could of "Fucked Off" and found another row. I guess that is the price you pay when you get the row that has metal rails in front for a footrest. Another thing, the seats do not recline. FUCK.

The movie ends around a little after midnight. I missd the twelve eleven bus that goes across the street from Barfly. I end up having another night of walking to Uptown from Downtown. I text while I walked. I also did so much "Vs. Social Standard" stickering. If you walk along Hennepin street through to MCTC to Loring Park to The Walker Art Center to Hennepin to Lake to home, you should be able to see a sticker somewhere, hopefully everywhere. I will continue to post up as well more. I bet the cop rejects that work downtown will end up removiing a lot of them possibly. I hit up the SuperAmerica at twenty sixth and Hennepin for some goodies to go. I end up getting home about near two in the morning. The bus left downtown at like one eleven. If I took that bus, I would have been home at about one thirty or forty five after one. Oh well, you live and you learn and you experience. I would not exchange that for anything, except abnormal amounts of cash or gold probably.

Up and out!
p.s. God grwing an asian beard is grimey and slow. I feel like a dirty immigrant or something from not shaving. POST 15! Halfway through the month of nothingness. . . . .

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