Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today I began drinking at work at five. I had about three fountain drinks total of Dr. Pepper and Captain Morgan rum. I took the bus to Becca's birthday at Elsie's. I sort of knew the location via Google maps, but not sure once I got off the bus. I took the bus to in front of Honey. I walked to Main St. That street in North east has some nice houses. The bridge just recently got built as well. The route got plastered with Vs. Social Standard stickers of course. I get there around and ten and apparently her and the party just got there. I pay and grab my shoes. Everyone was splitting pitchers of the beer, but I ended up grabbing a Blue Moon, two of them. The lady closed my tab and brought it back after one, I went what the fuck. I wanted a tab so I can grab another. Bad waitress in my opinion, and bad service by the place in general, waitress did not come around too often I think.

I met some cool friends of hers like Ethan who was in the Marines for five years and just got back recently in July, then Adam who secretly dated her with a crush on her but she called it hanging out years ago I believe when he worked at Buck Hill, Her brother Adam who secretly left and snuck out after everyone was bowling for a little while, Ryan who is a friend of Charlie's but I do not remember meeting before, and then Droo who I met before I believe but he does not remember. These were the people that I had not met before. Rebecca's birthday party/bowling was like she was another one of the guys type event, with no girl friends, or not many that came.

The usuals or ones that I did know were Serene who is dating Shakes, Shakes who usually takes photos for the Minneapolis scene life, Laura who is supposedly Becca's best girl friend with a daughter, and Charlie who I had met through cycling via work here. Those were the usuals that I knew.

There was bowling, conversing, photo snapping, and drinking. Bowling and drinking is a science. The more you drink, the better you get, but be careful, you should not over drink the point where you can not bowl well. This is a point that must be figured out through trial and error. I learned that I bowl better with a thirteen pound ball than a ten pounder, along with more booze of course. I was upset that they closed at one instead of two in the morning though. Charlie drove Ryan, Becca, and me to Thom Pham's Wondrous Azian Kitchen also known as WAK (pronounced WACK). There was fun finding an empty meter and parking spot downtown. We get there and go in. Nate, Russell, and Stu were the guys selecting music tonight. We met up with them. Becca ordered some kind of strawberry alcoholic drink from the menu and did not finish that. There was more dancing around to Nate's tunes along with photographing. 50 Cent's In Da Club was a must to be played, and it was. Happy Birthday was then sung to Becca as well at WAK.

We all left WAK, I plastered some more stickers around the corner of WAK. Along the way to Charlie's car, I plastered more stickers. While inside his car The Jackson 5 ABC started playing. We started rocking out in the car, then proceeded to get outside the car and jam to it in the street on the side and around the Jetta. After this we jammed some more to All I Do Is Win and another song which I do not recollect at the moment. We ended up at Becca's apartment stop. I went out to grab my flannel that she had and Red Bull I had left before there. She eventually brought Summit out and I played with him for a little while along with the other guys. I do not remember what time we eventually left, but it was after talking about her having to be separated from Summit for five months and some other things. I know i got a ride home via Charlie and fell asleep at some time. I hate not remembering what time I fall asleep at. This is because I do not know how much time of rest I got. I drank some water before though of course. She was also talking about having five days to have to confirm that she is going to do the studying abroad in Argentina, but i worried about Summit during that time. I went -_-. What the fuck, I know that is your dog and all, but if you were afraid of leaving him alone, you maybe should not have applied for the Argentina trip.

Drew, I got you on that cupcake for her buddy.

Sigh, I guess I get some slight entertainment through other people's lives as my life is simple and boring for most of it. A project put together by Dave, also known as DJ SoGold, of various like-minded individuals put together via daily photographs.

Lear heouy

PS: FUCK FUCK FUCK. My lips are chapped, and I am out of chapstick, resulting in me having to buy a stick. I also had to buy new headphones as the ones I had before fell to the demise of the bottom of my foot.

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