Sunday, October 10, 2010

19 20

So this was Friday night. I stayed in until like about ten thirty. I thought about catching the bus at about eleven, but apparently if I did not catch that one, I would have to wait until like eleven fifty. I then chilled in bed until about eleven thirty and showered then. I got to Honey. It was a rap music part being hosted by Franz and DJ friends. The place is situated like a basement The layout was alright. It was not the most greatest designed bar/hangout but I guess the management did well with what they had.
The price of a tap Summit was five fifty. I think thats like regular going bar rate. I saw others there as well, I had the ear buds on deck of course. I drank at work a little bit because, honestly, it was sort of boring as fuck. Everyone was bummed off the Twin's loss and it was semi slow, but the last couple hours are like ghost town, after like the usual busy hours. I ended up leaving earlier at like one forty to go to the bus stop at second and Hennepin. I had a stack of stickers and plastered that corner or block pretty well on the way home as well also.

On the six bus home, I wanted to get pad thai for a late meal, and they was letting some people in, but I did not know the password or some shit, so they did not let me in. I walked to Caffrey's and grabbed a blue cow and potato salad. I ran into Wes Winship, Carla, and Anne there. There was a new party night at First Avenue called Extra Large hosted by Mike 2600. It is every second Friday in the Record Room.

I ran from Caffrey's with my sandwich home which is about like six blocks or so. That was a long ass run.

Saturday sucked. I was drinking and tinychatting with some people from the internet. I was saddened by the Twins, finding out they was down five to none on the bus home from a friend. I was going to go to the Cafeteria to check it out, and watch the game, but fuck, five down, playing away in New York City, screw that, Twins are not coming back. I slept at like two in the morning. I knew today was going to be ass, because my dinner meet up got called off, Vikings are not playing, and there is international soccer matches only this weekend, so fuck! And I can not even ride my bike, walking everywhere and sticking stickers on around Uptown and Downtown. I am going to the new Zach Galifianakis movie tomorrow night. Monday movies.

I am debating whether to eat Quang's or Popeyes today after work though. Two hours for me to decide though. Either way, I have to take the twenty one or eighteen bus. FUCK, I need my new tubular wheel already. Tonight I have a few movies as well, some random ones, I Am Legend, or episodes of The Wire.

Thank You BasedGod.

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