Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yesterday was interesting. I ended up going to Honey for a dance night event. I was supposed to catch the eleven o'clock, but ended up catching the seventeen, a new bus for me, from eleven forty four at the Transit Center to University and third street. I walked after that. I got to Honey about half past midnight. Mel was walking to the bus as well since she missed the early bus and her bus ended up being it's usual lateness. I was sort of in a lethargic state due to the night before. I get to Honey and have just a Summit. I run into many familiar faces. The music played mash-up style or whatever. A chorus or two with a verse or so, and then the next song was mixed in instead of a whole song. I felt like it was for drunk people with short attention spans. I keep running into people I can not remember the face to who they are well, but when I do see them, I know who they are frequently. That last sentence was kind of confusing. Well, I just chilled and casually danced, not as hard as usual, just feeling out the music and shits. Jannine and Emily were there with friends. It was the first time I had seen the two in awhile. The two have been busy with school and shit I guess. Well, Jannine has school, Emily is living off unemployment until next year due to her acceptance into Medical or Graduate school, I forget which one it was. Either way, it is a congratulations to her. Jimmy2times was in town from New York City as well. He played a set. I heard King Otto, Mike2600, and Jimmy2times each play a set, but not Shannon Blowtorch, whom I saw around as well.

At the end of the night, it was raining outside HARD. I got a ride from Emily driving with Jannine. I got Emily to give Mel a ride home as well since it was sort of on the way to my place and their places. I got asked if "Are you feeling her?" question again from Emily like many others. I just say "She is just a good friend". I am at that point in my life where a relationship of sorts is not possible unless I am able to divulge my situation which is kind of complicated and elaborate right now to be able to trust someone that much. She ran into her place which had the rain water up to her ankles. It look like she was sinking. I on the other hand called Sawatdee Express a little earlier to get an order of pad thai ready for me since it was raining so hard. We drove to the front of it, and I hop out and run in. The guy says do not worry about paying, on the house. I went holy shit. That was bomb as fuck. I think it was because the credit machine was batched out or he was lazy. I notified him that it was the Khmer dude that always comes in over the phone when I ordered. It might even be he is gay and this is his way of getting on my good side. He does wear a nice ass Ralph Lauren utility blue chambray. I get a ride home and destroy the pad thai while watching the majority of an episode of The Wire. Mel apparently ordered an Athena immediately from Pizza Luce when she got home. She ate two slices and passed the fuck out. She had like a hell of a lot of drinks, but did not feel drunk apparently.

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