Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I tinychatted some more. I fell asleep to downloading some movie "StreetDance 3D". I broke my ear buds as well this morning. I do not have any headphones anymore. I will be combining my twitters into 1 big one and just watch what I say now. Too bad there is no separate send to someone specific or tweet to a specific list only function. Other places are much much greater than Minnesota it seems from my viewpoint. It seems people have migrated to New York City; well a few people I know anyways. I like NYC, but not if I run into the same people as I seen in a previous lifestyle. I would rather move to Los Angeles or San Francisco, just to get a different perspective in order to get another view and be different in general. Zoinks.

Time to start drinking now. The days go by faster with booze at work. Sell things, drink booze, listen to music, and surf the internet. This is the life, which is missing a sports car only I think.

I got my camera yesterday. FINALLY. NOT!

So the story began in two thousand six or two thousand seven. I bought it then via some eBay auction and purchased the protection plan via Panasonic for an additional two years in addition to the original manufacturer's one year warranty.

Fast forward to June this year. I was missing a screw to the case of the camera, so I decided to send it in with the note, "pictures come out blurry". They went through warranty politics for a few months. They figured out the "problem" and would order the part. WRONG. The part was unavailable. So begins more politic, resulting in them eventually buying a upgraded version, the new version of mine, the Lumix LX3. over my LX2, for my replacement. The camera would not fit well into my camera case that I bought for the LX2, so I decided to return it because it was sent as a "gift" to me. I tried to sell it on Craigslist, but the current going rate for the camera, even brand new, was significantly lower than what I was asking for. I am returning it to Amazon for like fifteen dollars lower than what I originally bought my camera for to purchase a newer/different camera. I will be getting the Canon Powershot G9, and going to be experimenting with that camera in photography a little bit more. The only downside is that it can take anywhere up t four weeks for me to get the refund. Go Amazon!

Long story is sort of short now.


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