Sunday, October 3, 2010


Last night I knew I was going to stay in. I did just that. The internet is out at my place for some reason or other. I can get on the wireless network, but it gives the limited or no connectivity exclamation point for status.

Since I was not able to get on the internet, I tried to watch the movie Jonah Hex that I downloaded. It is some western comic book influenced movie. I watched it, the second time I have tried to, and fell asleep to it again. I woke up to it during the middle of my sleep. I notice this because I have no clue as to what is going on in the movie.

I woke up to pause it and turn the backlight off on the computer, and head to sleep. I went to sleep at like eleven about.

Today has been a plus and minus so far. The plus is that Barcelona FC won along with Real Madrid for La Liga, but Manchester United tied to only get one point. They are now third in the point standings, but are still undefeated.

I need my camera back, along with a unibody Macbook Pro. Tonight I am going to see Joell Ortiz from Brooklyn New York at Cause, formerly known as Sauce, and a fourth member of Slaughterhouse hip-hop group.

Smell ya later.

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