Monday, October 4, 2010


So yesterday was semi-payday. I say semi because the money all went to bills and the usual 'life payments'. I watched soccer games instead of working and American football. The Vikings were not playing, so fuck the NFL then. In other sports, the Twins lost as well one to two. The Twins are like one for eight games recently going into the playoffs against the Yankees (FUCKTHEYANKEES). Wednesday and Thursday are games in at Target Field, which should be good since this is the inaugural season.

Listening to this Breaking Bread session with Brian Mendoza and these Canadian asian designers, they are pretty much how I expect them to be. Geeky and dorky. Cool conversation and audio recording. It is about a half hour long. The guys talk about watches to spending to designing and portfolio and such. The change goes towards wings&horns re-branding to wings+horns to even w+h in different font and style

I get ready to leave work. I end up going to take a piss like usual when I need to before leaving. I hear voices, so I hurry my pissing and go to check. Sometimes my ears play tricks on my and I end up hearing things, but today it was not. There are two people shopping around while I am dressed in Northface and backpack ready to bounce. I realize then that I will not be going on the bus I expected to catch. I chill and wait, then the girl grabs a top and then I realize that she will be copping something. I fire up the computer register and such. Sweet, a sale and a medium sized one, before leaving last minute. I was glad these people did not make me wait for no reason. I end up catching the bus to Lake and Hennepin and take the twenty one bus along Lake to by K-Mart. Along the walk to the bus stop I posted at least a good five Vs. Social Standard stickers upon poles or signs here and there. Recently I have been carrying a stack of the stickers. Uptown, Downtown, and Minneapolis in general will see my sticker wrath. I put them along poles everywhere I walk, especially on the way home or to places for food, or at the bus stop. My most notable recent trip was after the twenty one, I asked these kids that are like 'jerking' at the stop where the eighteen stop going north on Nicollet is. The kids point me in the direction to a shelter that was like half a block away. Nicollet and Lake intersection is a weird section of bus stops and bus shelters with one-ways and two-ways. I end up getting on the eighteen and getting off like five minutes later, especially when the bus driver was taking forever along with the rider to board. From now on, I realized I could walk from getting off of the twenty one to Quang's much easier and faster as it was not to long of a distance. I hit up Mel to see what she grabs from there usually aside from their pho (broth too fatty) or the Bun Bo Hue(my usual). She said one of the pork chops with broken rice platters. I get in there, and the place is SWAMPED. I get there about like seven or so. There was a wait list to be seated. FUCK THAT. I was taking a to go. It is times like these that being solo is nice; imagine if I was having dinner with someone, my impatience would have ran and had a mindsplosion waiting. I ordered the 'Quang's original grilled pork chops over broken rice' platter with the dessert that is green on both sides and has that cake-like yellow stuff in between. The total was like ten nineteen and it came out pretty quick. I take the eighteen across the street a few blocks. I see the twenty one go by as I get off the eighteen. I decide to just walk it with the platter in my hand. I had Blue Flame in my ear, a dinner platter in my hand, and a stack of stickers. I posted while walking along Lake all the way back to my place. I get home about eight twenty or so.

The dinner platter was decently priced and still warm for how long a distance I walked. The gripe I had was with the huge lettuce sheet they gave, like what the fuck am I supposed to do with this? Was I suppose to eat the platter like a wrap? Nuoc cham came with the lettuce, along with pickled daikon and carrot on the side. I poured the nuoc cham on the rice and chops and demolished the huge lettuce that took over the container. The broken rice was a new thing to me. The pork chops taste like something my mom or grandma has made before. I had some of the dark chili oil in a container left over from a trip to Shueng Cheng that I poured on it as well. Spicy:) I watched most of Jonah Hex while eating this also. I finished it finally after trying a few times in a few days to watch it. The movie was BAD. After the movie, it was nine thirty or so. I head out to go to the Joell Ortiz performance.

I walk along thirty second street to the Bryant park and cut through the baseball field to go to the SuperAmerica. I hit that place up and cop a RedBull so I do not fall asleep, but eventually sort of do, more on that later. I continue my plastering of the street along the way to Cause formerly known as Sauce, changing only one letter due to another place of the same name.  I get there and listen to this rapper from two thousand and three with the oversized Miskeen orange zip and San francisco Giants pinwheel fitted, with his skinny LRG wearing hype-man. He needed work on everything. He had one decent song out of the bunch of songs he performed. Next was this dude who called himself 'Nobuddie' pronounced like nobody. He gave 50Tyson and Eli Porter a run for their money. I give him props for doing what he believed and enjoyed though. He made a big deal that it was his birthday and he was getting older, that age of twenty six. The next group was these three friends that went by the name of 'The Bottom-feeders', who were pretty good. These guys actually had some potential. The thing I didn't like about them was it did not feel natural. Freez of Illuminous3 and St. Paul Slim went next, these two guys had their flow on point along with the energy and presence. Their shit just felt correct. The next two performers were not from Minnesota. The first was a guy name PropAnon or Propaganda Anonymous, who was from Bushwick New York. His rapping was alright. Energy was there even for a shitty looking crowd. A lifeless crowd. He tried to get a punk song called Luxury Condos out into the crowd, but they were not feeling it. It is Minneapolis, they are ready or the punk crowd is not that big out here. Joell was next up. He started with his verse off Sound Off on the Slaughterhouse album. He continued to do others, an acapella song, and then Microphone from Slaughterhouse. He went into some older hip-hop tracks to test if the crowd knew much older joints from various other heavy hitters. He then finished the performance with his verse of "Nissan, Honda, Chevy". He apparently drove ten hours with others to Minneapolis to do the performance. Brother Ali was in the house along with DJ Fundo, Eunice, and Gadget. Joell finished at about quarter after midnight. I bounced soon thereafter.

I headed to SuperAmerica after thinking for a minute outside of Cause what to eat? I grabbed a Jumbo Dog and a Polish Dog. I loaded them up with onions and relish on both, ketchup and mustard on one, and chili with cheese on the other, paid my two dollars something along with receiving my SuperAmerica points, and walked off. The dogs are not too bad for a cheap late night snack. More stickers were plasterd along the walk home from here.

I stripped and snoozed, I was tired and had to be up early to deposit some money at TCF and drop a package off in the mailroom destined for Denmark.


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