Tuesday, October 19, 2010


You know what I did Monday!? I did nothing. I tinychatted. I watched the new episode of the Jersey Shore or The Wire, and it felt amazing. I decided I will be getting a Lumix LX5 and buy the auto lens cap  by JJC for it. It will cost me only like seventy for the camera and about twenty for the lens cap. I did not have acetone to remove glue off the rim fully today. I will end up getting acetone on it tomorrow. I will then be able to get the tubular on it and then let it sit, so I will end up riding it Thursday or Friday night. Tonight though, I will be watching "500 Days Of Summer" or "A Bittersweet Life". Both movies are good, but I do have A Bittersweet Life downloaded already. The only downside to that movie is that it is in Korean and I will have to read subtitles. I plan to watch "It's Kind Of A Funny Story" before it leaves the movie theater though:)


ps: It seems my night will be at the Scion Music party at First Avenue.
pps: Never mind, I am staying in and being retarded.
ppps: I actually went to CVS pharmacy. I copped generic dollar and twenty nine cents chapstick along with a Toberlone, and ate the Toberlone along the way home after I put chapstick on. I miss thee, thee makes my lips soft and unchapped.

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