Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So I took a shot in the dark yesterday. I posted a Craigslist ad for a Wiz Khalifa ticket for one hundred twenty online. Some girl responded. I was to meet up with her at the door from seven thirty to eight or so, but Cathy got here late to cover for me, and then when I got there or was on the way there, she bought a ticket already. I tried selling my ticket to people at the door, but most of them were broke asses. I decided to go to the show instead. I tried to see if I could get Jake to get me inside and cut the line, because I was lazy and did not want to wait. I stood around outside hitting up various people to see if they wanted a ticket while trying to get a hold of Jake. Apparently Jake was not there until the Yelawolf performance which I found out from him when I got a hold of him inside. I met Zach and Mikey along with Lauren and their pregnant friend outside. I went inside with them. First thing I noticed inside was the packed place and the general age of the majority crowd. The average age of a concert goer that night was about fourteen. Believe me, these kids had their fake ID game on point. The place was up in smoke as expected as well. Zach was smoking at the bar and the security took that joint away. That was a funny point of the night. Another thing, there were two girls pulled onto the stage, both looking fourteen or fifteen, one girl had a supper barely there short sparkly dress. If you go on stage bitch, expect to dance. If you are not going to dance, get the fuck off. If you have a boyfriend, why the fuck are you on the stage to begin?

Surprise of the night? Yelawolf lived well up to the buzz as I have not heard much for him and him being a newcomer. He acted like someone who has been performing for years before. He brought a freshness to a scene of blandness with a unique persona and style. He is like what happened if Eminem get spliced with Twista. His marketing team could be doing a better job, but they sufficiently did their job as he is now touring with Wiz Khalifa, which gets his name out there very well.

Wiz Khalifa performed as usual. He was not a diva like the first time like last year when I saw him. His hype men were there as usual. He performed many songs off his Kush and OJ mix-tape. That is my gripe with the performance. Kush and OJ was a very instrumental and jazz-like driven composition. Many of the instrumentals for the tracks last night sounded like a sped up version of the originals with added sounds.  Maybe it was where I was at as well, but many instrumentals sounded like the Blowing Money Fast by Rick Ross beat. Many different versions of Rick Ross were played throughout the night as well. The audience was very sheep-like in that they seemed to be all clones of each other without any life or style or knowledge. They were all robotic. This is the part where you say I am a hater. I call it very critical or opinionated personally. His repertoire for the performance did not out do the second performance at Varsity theater. The Varsity theater is by far his better show. I am not a fan of super packed crowds unless I was in the front early or completely drunk. I had no drinks but did have a five hour energy shot.

The show ended around half past midnight. I ran into Jennifer, who was this friend of a friend, I do not know which one, but she was someone I was following via Twitter and such from the area. It was dark and I did not know who it was or could see, she noticed me apparently somehow. Too many times a day, people see me, and I go "Who is this? How do I know them?". This was the second time today, earlier at work it happened as well, but then I remembered it was the girl that works at Kowloon in Dinkytown.

Cathy texted me around the same time the show ended. She did not drop the key off at my place, so she met me downtown at First Avenue to give me the work key. She gave me a ride to Caffrey's. I thanked her for bringing me over there. She flipped the switches wrong on the control box for the shop closing at the end of the night. She told me she got it right, because she left some lights on in the the shop. I was frustrated in this because lights on means energy used. Energy used when it doesn't need to be is money wasted, especially when no one is in there overnight. I ordered a Blue Cow with my free sandwich card and a potato salad. I use my card for the one something, but get a pop as well so that the credit card is more since they get charged per transaction. I get Dr. Pepper and wait for my sandwich. I get the sandwich and potato salad, but walk like two blocks home before I realize, I DO NOT HAVE MY KEYS (this happens a lot) and walk to Caffrey's. I look on the table and there it is. I leave and jog home instead, because I wanted to eat my sandwich pretty badly. I get home and eat while watching the new Nightmare On Elm Street movie. I finish and do not know what happened in the movie at all. Sleep starts here then.

You are damned if you do, and you are damned if you do not, sooooooo.....
Taylor Gang or......Taylor Gang.

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