Friday, October 1, 2010


Do not confuse slim with skinny; do not confuse form fitting with painted on clothing. If you move a part of your body in a natural movement, and your skin shows or undergarments, shits too tight. Minnesota can not figure this shit out. The is for the males specifically, but can apply to females as well. If shit on you is not flattering at all, do not wear it.

Last night was another lame night. I watched another movie.  The movie was "30 Days Of Night". The plot of the movie is that of in Alaska, there is a month that there is no sunlight. The sun does not come out for a full thirty days. There are vampires that assault one of the cities in that time. There are people that avoid the slaughter and the movie follows them in their time to outlast the vampires. Josh Hartnett and Melissa George are in the starring roles of this movie. It was alright. You got to watch this if you you want more or read the synopsis on wikipedia or even

Today I watched the sequel to it "30 Days Of Night: Dark Days". This was good too even though the stars of the first one did not come in this sequel. The plot of this one was that Melissa George's character goes around trying to tell the story of the city in Alaska around the country that the government and others have hidden. She gets met up with some vampire hunters, and they all plan to kill the vampire 'queen' Lilith....

Wow. I have been playing the 2 J.Rocc Supreme mixes all day, and have gotten so many questions about "Who is this by?" today. The mixes are just samples off vinyl originals. Me and Nate know this because we can hear they are samples from other songs, and that is what both mixes sound like. In order to get the tracks, he had to of had the original vinyls probably. J.Rocc is Stones Throw Records family, so it makes sense that most of those samples are from that.

Angelina is such a bitch. Finally that girl is gone! The New Jersey shore was a pretty entertaining episode. Tonight is a Get Cryphy night. Peaces. Lazy.

edit: I do not quite know how to explain it, but some specific types of people will never understand sub-culture or have the authenticity of it. . .

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