Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So I have about thirty or so minutes to finish this now. It will be midnight by then.
Sunday night, I rode my bike home. It was dark as fuck by closing time. I went fuck. I was upset, because it was Sunday and it is my day where I get off early. I talked to Dave Brewer aka soGold for a while. I talked to him for about an hour before closing. He had to get his new BlackBerry with the trackpad.

I rode home and chilled there for awhile, before heading to Popeye's. I grabbed the ten piece chicken bucket or whatever and Cajun Rice side with Louisiana hot sauce for the chicken. I get this and go home to watch the Vikings versus Packers football game. I surf the internet and Twitter and Facebook and AOL instant message people. The Viking's game was a crazy emotional roller coaster. It was up and down. The Vikings eventually lost unfortunately. I watched an episode of The Wire, then slept. I went to sleep at about eleven or midnight about. I ended up not finishing the ten pieces of chicken as well. I got down to two left. I was stuffed. My Sunday was in and in bed mostly. I loved it.

I did find out Vince is going to be in Korea for a little longer now as well. FUCK. The downside of this is that I have to work more and delays my trip to New York City.


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