Tuesday, September 28, 2010


At work last night, I changed my cog from an 18t to a 16t. I did this after doing some organizing of the bike parts and cleaning. I arranged them into categories and shits. I like the new cog a little bit better. My cadence is a little higher and less stress on my legs. It was just the first day, so we shall see after I give it some time to adjust to.

I was planning to bike to downtown directly from work, but around Calhoun, I realize that I do not have my lock. FUCK. I end up going home and unpacking everything that I cycle with. I change and start riding to downtown. There was this Caribou band that was playing at First Avenue that I had a ticket for a dollar to, but decided to watch the movie instead of going there. It seemed like a more productive choice sort of. I chose to go watch "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" instead of "Resident Evil 3D: Afterlife" because it was a half hour longer. Great decision making skills right? Go figure. 

The movie initially made me feel like I was back in economics class again, having to pay attention to everything that is said and details. I wish I knew the way stocks worked a little better to understand the movie more well. The movie was pretty slow in the initial build-up. The climax of the movie was not really climactic. The movie overall became pretty decent in the second half. Overall, it is a pretty dry movie if you  like the action of bang bang Hollywood things. Definitely not a date type movie, not even a homies movie. It is a movie you watch yourself, because someone is going to hate the other person for dragging the other person to watch it probably type movie.

I am currently watching "Wall Street" now, hopefully finishing it soon, within three days. I watched "When Harry Met Sally" in three days, along with "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist". I tried to finish Harry Met Sally last night after getting home from the theater last night. I fell asleep to it and woke up late to my alarm clock this morning as well.

I wake up and head to work, which is nice since the sun was shining and it was not too cold this morning. I get to the stop for the shop, get off and start riding, I immediately feel the bump in my pedaling. I stop and check the rear tire, then feel the front, FLAT. I get to work and pump it immediately of course. It seems to be holding its pressure now.

Today, I am probably going to Triple Rock and The Nomad for Dustin Ruff's going away party. Two for Ones most of the night. Triple Rock ends at midnight, The Nomad's begins at one in the morning. 

I also heard about J.Cole going to have Karma for a show. Curren$y show there was wack as hell. The venue is what made it wack, Spitta did his thing. The venue is badly situated and there is this wire in front of the stage, like a wrestling ring. I am hoping the tickets are under twenty. I wish he was set up with the Fine Line Music Cafe instead. That is nice.

I am kind of excited for the Wiz Khalifa show though, which is now sold out, at First Avenue's Mainroom next Tuesday night. This Friday though is going to be Get Cryphy at the Record Room at First Avenue as well. 



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