Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This is my most recent purchase, the lighter belt. It is made by Unlucky Leathers. Unlucky Leathers and Corter Leathers are two great independent leather artisans, a dying trade it seems. The price was good. Read my previous post about Corter Leather. The product is high in value for its price and quality. The darker belt is for comparison reasons. The darker one is my Joseph Abboud leather belt that I purchased back in about 2006 or 2007. The thickness is much thinner and color has aged quite a bit as well in comparison to the natural tan Unlucky belt above. I will take photos of the buckle another day. This was bought through a third party member, as the size was incorrect for the buyer or some other reason. The price was thirty five bucks shipped. A good thirty five bucks that will last me at least another few years. The belt is now a little tanner already as I have treated it with Dr. Marten's Wonder Balsam to moisturize the leather and keep it from drying out. I believe it only needs to be treated like once every three or four months.

This is my hair down, or hair up. I have been growing it out for a little while. The last time I got a haircut was in April of 2009. It is now September 2010. I want to grow it out for at least two years. I want to get it dreaded, but have been lazy, and do not want to spend the initial couple hundred on it right now. I don't really want to cut it as well either because I have been growing it for so long as well. Decisions, too many to make.

I slept on an auction for a shirt I have been looking for "forever". The shirt went for about ten dollars total, shipped! See auction 

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