Tuesday, September 21, 2010


edit: I am using the blog as my source of outlet since I have decided to go on hiatus with Facebook and Twitter for 30 days and 30 nights, or as I like to call it 30/30. It will be tough, but be better for me as I can limit my online interaction more and clear things up myself.

Last night I went to watch 'The Town'. I had most of the theater to myself. I watched it for only five dollars, so if it sucked, it would not have been too big of a deal. I left work with the Minnesota Twins winning at like 4-3 or 4-2 against the Cleveland Indians.

I get downtown and see all these people leaving. I head to 'The Depot' and buy my Wiz Khalifa ticket. Shit was $18. Fucking dollar service charge.

The Town reminded me of a budget 'Heat', but not really. The movie made me have some respect for Ben Affleck since he directed it as well. The colors, tones, vibe, and of the overall movie reminded me of a a tv drama or made for tv movie. It was a two hours of entertaining on your seat action that did not have too many boring moments.

After the movie, I get out a little around quarter past midnight. I was walking it home from downtown to Uptown. I thought about possibly waiting for the next bus, but I have walked this route before, and I arrived home before the next bus came if I had waited.

I get mostly through Loring Park, but at the bridge over the stream section, it begins to downpour. I had my Supreme Sunbrella backpack and The North Face Supreme Expedition on. Both aren't waterproof, but are water resistant. The Expedition is 3L, so it would shed some but, not in a storm type typhoon lie setting. The same thing carried on for my backpack, but my laptop was in my backpack, so I hurried as fast as possible to the Walker Art Center bus stop.

I end up there sort of damp from the permeated water and the sweat because of the 3L's heat retention capabilities. I get there and have about a half hour before the bus comes. I am listening to my iPod while the rain batters the shed. This gave me time to think. When the bus came, the rain had subsided. I got home and became hungry. I biked to Pizza Luce blocks away and ordered the buffalo wings with bleu cheese sauce. The rain began to downpour and I arrived home with wet wings and clothes. I ate and watched Project Runway since I was on that and queued up The Wire season three. I ended up sleeping about three thirty or four in the morning.

I thought about aspects of Facebook and Twitter, as I used them so much. To me it seems both have their pluses and minuses. It seemed to myself that I were using them as a wall in a sense to just say shits and such in a sort of Anti-Social passive aggressive character. I mean, there are plenty of people that I've talked to yet have never 'talked' to. When I do see them or many in real life, I get that weird 'hey I know you sorta' look from them. I mean, I can semi-converse, but I am not great at just random. I live a bland repetitious lifestyle. The only consistencies I currently have are my bike+shoes+clothes+online-forum, my circle of friends (which is small since I do not trust people easily), and my family (blindly and with heart type trust). Mentally, I can trust people, but like heart or like emotionally, I can not really do that, first.

I thought about other things such as like family. I have not seen them for awhile, but can not really see them. I mean like I am writing this and sort of miss my grandmother. It sucks that I have to work so much, but like understand why I do it sort of. I mean she is sort of old aged and health-wise, slowly degrading like a half-life way (not really, but an explanation in terms sort of figuration). I just sort of like go 'Shit, she is going to die soon I feel, and like her image of me to her in her last times was never there' mind set about it.

I'll type more when I can think sort of straighter, because like I got sniffles and shit thinking of my blood family, and parents, and leave with this quote type shits.

"Money can't buy you happiness, but it is a good down-payment"
It is like my down-payment is taking forever. Maybe I just need some Lexapro, too bad it is a prescribed thing only apparently. More tomorrow or in the next 29 long posts type things. I am alright though type nig, I'll figure shit and solve it out; or just buy more superficial life things like I did this on eBay -> Supreme Scarf

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