Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today I watched the Wire episode three of season three. I also find out that I can not get a ticket to the Kid Cudi show for ten dollars on October first.

Last night I biked home from work and bike to the Super America on Bryant or Aldrich to get two twenty ounces of Cherry Coke, two King size Fast Break bars, and two six hour energy drinks. I drank the Monster hitman energy drink and start drinking one of the Cokes with Captain rum and tinychat with some friends before heading out to First Avenue.

First Avenue had this "Red Bull Big Tune" event where it is sort of a producer vs. producer battle with a CDJ player. DJ Premier was the guest DJ. Dope productions by this years winner and last year's runner-up G Mo with this years runner-up and last year's winner Nicademus. Both are going to Chicago though to represent Minneapolis. 

Premier spun for about an hour or about an hour and a half. He got done at about one thirty or so. I went to Honey afterwards to meetup Mel and Julie. I run into Laura outside and chill out there until they both leave. I throw my bike into Julie's car and we three ride to Caffrey's. I get the Blue Cow and potato salad. I fill up my punch card. Free sandwich next time I go there:D

I ate half the sandwich and then fall asleep to the episode of The Wire I finished today.

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