Monday, September 27, 2010


Last night I got done with work at six in the evening. I was sort grumpy after around that time. It was slow at work, and then there were some customers that came in or stayed until around closing time. I was about to catch my bus when my friend comes in as I was leaving. He persuaded me to re-open quickly so he could cop a few shirts and he ended up giving me a ride home. So making money made me happier.

I got dropped off at McDonalds in Uptown. I go to Sawatdee Express so I can cop dinner, which ends up being the spicy chicken pad thai. I get that and walk home. I end up home and eat that while watching Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I finally finished that. 

I ended up talking to Becca over aim while she does her paper, and assist slightly. She got a brain fart about her paper that was due the next afternoon, today, at four. The paper had something to do with what is your Urban Identity. I would have described mine as a hipster in the original true sense of the term. I say this because I am sort of one,  but not the stereotypical hipster. I was going to say something to assist her on my view or such so, but it would have probably been mean sort of, so I let her write what she wrote about sort of, which is different from my perspective. She eventually finished it about at three today. I ended up going to sleep at about twelve thirty or one in the morning last night as well. I did two loads of laundry. Warm clothes just out the dryer is heavenly.

I listen to Tyler, The Creator  last night as well. He is this self produced rapper from California, around the Los Angeles area. He avoids sampling, has a pretty unique style. and is apparently dating Lindsay Lohan's sister, or something like that. He had this album that came out last year called "Bastard" with an upcoming one called "Wolf" which is on MTV's anticipated albums for the rest of the year.

I drank my Cherry Coke that I took from my fridge as well. I took it from the fridge because I do not trust my roomates. I left a twenty ounce in there before, and I saw someone drank like half of it. NEVER AGAIN. Fucktards, one of the two are lying to me. I have a feeling I know which one did it. The problem is one of them is lying, so I say fuck the risk.

Today was sort of weird occasioned. I cleaned most of the bike tools and organized the back area. I tried to watch "When Harry Met Sally", but got caught up cleaning and such. I also then changed my cog from an eighteen to a sixteen tooth one in the rear. I am excited to ride again after a two or three day hiatus due to how cold and lazy I was and the way the weather has been, raining.

I am going to hit up AMC theaters downtown tonight probably and watch Resident Evil 3D or Takers or something else that I am interested in. Movies sort of calm me. Movies and TV shows are like my anti-drug. Cycling could be it as well a little.


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