Thursday, September 23, 2010


What did I do yesterday?
I fucked my stomach up. I ate breakfast at eleven, and had an Monster Hitman energy shot at like six or seven in the night. I didn't eat until real late.

I get a payment for a hat. I print out everything. I even get time to go and ship it out at Byerly's post office, but bam! I head down the escalator with my bike and see the outside.

It is pouring outside. I have to go back in and wait until this morning. I took the bus home. I wanted to get pad thai from Sawatdee Express, but when I get there, the door is locked. I end up walking to Amazing Thailand and cop beef pad see iew with spicy added. I walk home in the rain, and eat while catching an episode of the Wire season three, episode one. FOOD was so good that I finished it all. I was going to this DJ Lord of Public Enemy event at Honey in northeast Minneapolis, but the rain and food fucked me up. It was five dollars cover to get in, and I had just eaten as well, so that idea was out of course.

Musically inclined time:

My music selection has been lackluster or not as varied as of lately. I listen to about 90% hip-hop, with a

mid-blog edit: Guy looks at the ONLY girls table of clothes, I let him know that that table is all girls clothes. He then asks the ONLY corner of girls clothes, "Thats guy's clothes right?", I go, "No thats all girls". He and his friend proceed to walk out. I wonder about a majority of people in the Minneapolis area. It seems that all the guys want to be cross dressers since they all take interest heavily into the girl's clothing that we carry at work.

majority of it downloaded or off blog websites. Here is what I have recently gotten: Ski Beatz( 24 Hour Karate School), B.o.B. (The Adventures of Bobby Ray), Curren$y(Pilot Talk), Big K.R.I.T.(KRIT wuz Here), Lil B(Blue Flame),  Wiz Khalifa, Mally, The Boy Illinois, Lupe Fiasco, NERO, Wale(More About Nothing), 

mid blog edit: So this dude 'Cam' comes in again. He hitting on me. He ask for my number. "No, I ain't giving you my number". He goes, "Can I give you mine?" I say, "Ok?" He writes it down and shit. I go thinking I'm not going to be mean about shits. He then goes "Holla at me anytime". I go man, *sigh* he knows where I work. I need to move.
J. Cole, Cam'ron, VADO, Gucci Mane(Mr. Zone 6), The Hood Internet(Trillwave), and Donnis(The Invitation). These are who I'm listening to while at work these days. 

What do I look foward to tonight? Nothing. It is Thursday, and I bought a Supreme black scarf off eBay:)

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