Friday, November 19, 2010


So yesterday I went to the Mall Of America around three or four in the afternoon. I went to Nordstrom's Rack and then to check out the new Nike Store. The nike store was pretty impressive. It was pretty in-depth and detailed and stocked very well. The following pictures are the inside left side and then ride side corridor after stepping in.

The following photo is the Nike Destroyer varsity they are promoting with a cotton body and nylon sleeves composition. The high-quality version contains internal thermo-core linining with a slight downfill and leather sleeves. It is much more better made and of course costs more as well.

This is the front entrance, left point of view and right point of view. How grand of a window display is that?

Here is a view of the Nickelodean Universe from the third floor by the food court on the south end. It use to be called Camp Snoopy until the naming lease expired and the rights were sold. The lighting is as it was. The place looks very dimly lit. 

Here is what I went to the food court for. I went here on suggestion and reference by my friend Mel. The place looked alright. The other options were Panda Express(too many meals here) or a Japanese Bourbon blend of a place. I decided to try the Thai, which was spicy(before and after).

I got the combo platter, which was rice or noodles and 2 side dishes. I had the noodles, spicy Thai chicken, and spicy teriyaki chicken. I liked the way they both looked, and the spicy part lived up to its names, unlike the Chinese counterparts whenever it says "spicy". The total was six dollars and thirty-nine plus tax, resulting in it being six dollars and eighty-five cents. 

In the mood for Christmas season, the mall has began their decorations. There are these nearly three-story high trees with ornaments and lights stringed around.

I had to get back to the shop by seven, so I left early after this and then went to Macy's while inside Southdale. I went directly to check out this season of Ralph Lauren. The notable piece was this mountain parka with native pattern flannel lining. The parka was not waterproof or with any technical materials, but it was still pricey at three hundred and sixty five dollars for the cost. The colors and variations for this season by Ralph is very well put together. Another standout I did not take a photo of is the hooded flannel with thermal lining at a price of a hundred and twenty five bucks, worth the price though, unlike the parka.

At night I got home by bus, and I went to the Henn-Lake liquor store by foot, but they were closed at eight. I was debating to go to this event at The Varsity Theater, but decided against it at last minute because a friend did not hit me up in time to drink before, and I felt awkward going there, chilling, and just dranking their booze for the first time. I do not know the process of college pre-gamers and it seemed awkward to me or new, without my friend going with. I stayed in and finished Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. That movie sucked, but the acting and making of it is cool. I can respect the creation of it and such..


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