Monday, November 8, 2010


This is what I wore indoors today: Triumvir Large Nevermind tee, Size thirty two Polo Ralph Lauren Broken Twill mustard jeans, and Nike 2005 Air Max 90 infrared colorway. I wore the Supreme North Face anorak outside along with the Polo beanie of years ago.

So I had a cool day yesterday. Yesterday I watched three soccer games! I started out watching the Chelsea versus Liverpool match at ten in the morning. Liverpool shocked Chelsea with two goals by Fernando Torres. I eventually watched the Barcelona and Getafe. Barcelona won. After this game I watched the Real Madrid match with Cristiano Ronaldo and Mezut Ozil. Ozil and Ronaldo did their jobs well again in this match.
I switched to the Vikings match after this. I caught the last thirty seconds of the regulation. The Vikings apparently mounted a comeback again the Cardinals. The Cardinals got the ball to start overtime. They got stopped by the Vikings defense on the first drive and the Vikings got a Field Goal after they beasted driving it down the field with Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson.

Today was a good day up until then.
So I began drinking the rest of my 4Loko Fruit Punch from Friday night today after this game, at about three thirty then. I finish it before closing time about. I was buzzed. I had only eaten breakfast before then. I was on the bus to Dinkytown to cop some Five Guys. I was sleeping and waking up while on the bus a few times. I eventually get off at there by Annie's Parlour and walk over. I take a few photos here and there. I stick some stickers here and there as well. Good thing no campus police or regular police was around to get me while climbing.

I eventually get to the Five Guys. I order my usual of the bacon cheeseburger with the cajun fries, regular sized. I hit up the bathroom, piss my 4Loko and water excess, and get my table set up for the fries and business with the ketchup along with malt vinegar. First off, the burger was not hot, the cheese was barely melted on, and sloppily put together. Secondly, the portion was fucking bitch sized for the fries. The bag did not even feel hot. The fries barely had any seasoning feeling in them. I was pissed, but too buzzing out to care. I just destroyed them with the water and lemon slices in them. Here is a photo of that.

I end up home around like eight or nine about due to the bus taking forever. I was feeling the Five Guy's food in my stomach as I had only breakfast and the 4Loko before eating. I ended up watching The Walking Dead and some episodes of How I Met Your Mother before going to sleep as well. I was watching something else I had on my computer, but I was watching it sideways on the bed, so I fell asleep to that. I woke up again at three or four in the morning and began keeping myself busy until like five or six as well. I watched the second episode of The Walking Dead and surfing the internet some more. I did some thinking and random thoughts shits. It was weird, I felt I need some Japanese or Asian friends that are up at three or four in the morning so that I could talk to them while the rest of America was asleep, but it was one of those moments where I had a random though though.

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