Tuesday, November 2, 2010

41 42

Halloween day. To Be Continued Tuesday morning as I am lazy and sleepy.

Halloween day I woke up feeling shitty. It was after two nights of going out and jigging here and there. I watch the Vikings get their ass kicked, and then get ready to go out to Halloween. This night I decided to wear the lime green Polo button-up with a pink striped Nautica tie. I tweet and status update my Facebook about going to First Avenue tonight. I get hit up by Eli; he hooked it up with me and a plus one for the Halloween event. I meet up Serene and her friend Diana at Nick & Eddie's for some rock event. They were having a drink or something there it seems for a little while. I meet up and then head to First Avenue. The list cover beats paying the ten dollars that would have been needed. Eli is generous. He is on my good list where I am willing to help without asking too much about it as much as I can if possible. I get to Nick & Eddie's and my phone's battery is beeping. I get to First Avenue, and my phone is dead. I get inside, and my camera battery is dead. I used it Friday and Saturday night without charging it since. The music was alright by Ackermann and Soviet Panda. The main room was busy, while the two satellite rooms were dead for the night. The costumes were dopes as fuck. The winner was Toilet-tron, followed by Chilean miner's crew, and then a home-made Buzz Lightyear outfit. I run into a few friends here. I leave around two or so. I go home and sleep. I got some candy from Halloween, but it was just mini Tootsie pops.

Fuck, I just blanked out and do not know what I did. I think I just chilled and did nothing at home. I talked to some people over AIM, texts, and Facebook chat. 

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