Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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So this is about Saturday and Sunday. And Monday; as today is Tuesday.
These numbered posts are sort of a more personal posts. I sit here from ten in the morning to nine in the evening, Monday to Saturday. i usually learn useless things that interest nobody but coffee or small talk information. All this does what? Nothing. This useless information serves no one, except my brain mostly. Currently, I am viewing this right now, and if you do not see the implicit implications of things such as this video, we might not be on the same wave-link psychologically.

What I did I do Saturday?
I stayed in. I went out to the J.Cole concert the previous night. I stayed in and surfed the internet, drank, and ate chicken pad thai from Sawatdee Express. The price is usually like six plus tax or something, but he gives me a good portion and round price of six. I had a nice fun walk home from here. It snowed the day mostly here. There were few people having a snow ball fight in front  of India by the old Uptown location of the shop. The smiles that were brought to them brought a smile to my face, with memories of simple joys of childhood simplicities such as that. I got home about like ten o'clock or so. By this time, there was one or two undercard fights left before the main card fight of the night, Manny Pacqiuao versus Antonio Margarito. Pacqiuao is Filipino, so I had to cheer for him. A Filipino that has been whooping ass in five different weight classes progressively Get out of here. I ate and watched the fights before, and searched around for various different stream links. I had the fight on the external monitor, while I was on the Hypebeast shoutbox and AIM with Drew. We were just waiting for the fight and complaining about the wackness before. There was Nelly performing a few different songs before the national anthem's of each country and then the home country national anthem. The location of the fight was at the Cowboy's stadium, which was just constructed and had a sixteen million dollar screen to display the fight or football games as it's Jumbotron. The fight started easy enough, with a few disconnects here and there due to copyright, but we eventually got a good link and saw Pacqiuao know the crap out of Margarito, nearly blinding him by swelling his eye and face up so that he could barely see, being asked how many fingers were being up in front by the ref and the ring doctor. The fight went the full rounds, I went to sleep.

I woke up and went to work. I went home. Work was fun because Chelsea lost to Sunderland in soccer zero to three and the Vikings were a disappointment again. Brad Childress is bound to be fired by the end of this season, and one hundred percent not making it to the next season. He needs to burn on a cross or stake for his stupidity in choices. The team has potential honestly though. Coaching is a big problem. Randy Moss was a waste of money and so is Brett Favre. He is getting paid twenty million this year?! He is getting paid to be lackluster? We could have paid Donovan McNabb apparently for less and had some extra money and probably some more wins.

After work I headed to the Uptown Transit center, hopped onto the seventeen, then rode that to Nicollet and twenty fourth street I think by the McDonalds up there. I had to walk a block or two to get to Pho79, a vietnamese noodle shop connected to the cuisine restaurant neighbor. I ordered a Pho79, which in english is just their pho with all the meats, the combination, or also known as 'special' as usual. I go into my usual Sriracha, Hoisin sauce, and chili oil dipping plate mix on the table side and have the raw jalepenos into the bowl with the lemon wedge's juice and itself with a few shakes of black pepper into the broth. 

People may have different methods to eating pho. Here is my way. I eat with chopsticks and a soup spoon. The soup spoon in the right hand and chopsticks in the left hand. I use the spoon to get some noodles in it and then get some of the dipping mix on it with some dabs and then eat; Or I grab a portion of noodles with my chopsticks and then use the spoon to dab some of the dip. After either procedures though, I usually wash with a spoonful of broth, nice tart with the lemon and beef and black pepper. The green onion slices are yum. The heat is nice and warming. It is like the asian person's version of black peoples soul food. I grab a slice of the meat here and there while repeating one of the previous procedures in between and dip into the concoction as well. I get a kick with the raw jalapeno slices as well. By the end, I have a feeling in the stomach of fullness, a lil kick in my lips, a runny nose, used paper napkins, and an empty bowl. Booyah. Shit is good. 

I get a tri-color dessert to go as well. The colors in this descriptive combination are these maroon beans, green jello-like strands, yellow things, and the white coconut milk sugar fluid to mix it all together with some ice to make a sweet treat. I took this home and ate that then. I had to walk back to take the bus to the Uptown Transit center, where I walked home from after. I watched a few movies that night as well. 

I watch "Going The Distance" and then waited for The Walking Dead torrent to go up. I was talking to Anna this night along with Masha. Anna apparently only ate breakfast this day. She is tweaky for that. She ate breakfast and then skipped lunch and dinner, or was this Saturday? Well, it was onf of the days on the weekend, I think it was Sunday. I told her to get some kind of food :l College kids and their hating of dorm food, especially when they are paying for it. Some peoples lives are so much better off, I do not understand how some people do not value every dollar in their life, whether they earned it or another did. Masha wanted to watch the Walking Dead, and ice cream. I told her to get Sebastian Joe's at Caffrey's and then drive downtown to watch The Walking Dead replay at ten. I should have told her I would go along with, but bitched out like usual shits. I texted Mel as well. She worked some weird psycho shift that made her stay super late to eleven or something and the chinese spot she wanted was closed by then. I told her Village Wok, or Chinatown, but she said something about Fresh Wok. The paraphrasing was "Fresh Wok is the best and I want that chinese" from the conversation. This a grip of shit to recount for a few days ago and rambling, but it is my catharsis. 

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