Thursday, November 11, 2010


What the fuck did I do Wednesday? Nothing. I chatted online with this anna a little bit I think, Drew, and I think Nate. I watched a bit of the first episode of The Wire, season five. I fell asleep to it and woke up around like two in the morning to the third episode playing because I had it on shuffling through the whole folder. I watched the newest episode of Weeds as well I think though. I keep sleeping on my side, and when I wake up it is weird as fuck. I need to photograph my shoes some day and sell or trade a bulk of them. I am trying to downsize in order to get some new shit. Mostly trying to get that next future shit or Japanese Elitist type shits. Being a wolf in sheep's clothing among them is not fun. I plan to move the fuck out of Minnesota no matter what point I am in my life if Vs. Social is still running around the five year mark. I feel that if I am still in the same or similar place after five years, it has been a good career, and I will have probably absorbed the maximum amount of potential that I have from it.

In other news, Anna bought my ticket for J.Cole since I am a lazy fuck. I am stoked to go to that concert tomorrow. I will have seen a majority of artists I listen to live after him. The artists I speak of are the younger ones any ways. They are the likes of J.Cole, Wale, Wiz Khalifa, and Curren$y. I saw The Clipse Thornton brothers before their separate ways at Sneaker Pimps, and Ghostface Killah free at Varsity theater. I want to hit up a few other ones, but timing and energy, and willingness to pay for it is a big drawback as to why I do not go to every one. I go to those I really like seeing.

Tomorrow Mux Mool, aka Brian Lindgren, is having a show on his tour at First Avenue in the mainroom as well. I wish I could go to that also, but it is the same night as the J.Cole, and I saw him when he was at The Loft earlier this summer I believe. The video-game-like orchestrations of his productions are electric. Check out his album "Skulltaste" tracks on Youtube or around the web, better yet, buy it on iTunes, and support local good music dreams. You will not regret it of course, as it is my suggestion.

Tuesday night will be recounted from when I am not slacking and getting around to getting my mind and memories together in a part of my brain.


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