Thursday, November 4, 2010


So this night I finally finished The Wire season 4! I watched this, and was waiting this for my laundry. I Facebook chatted with Anna, AIM with Nate and Vince, then texted with Kate. I was doing my whites laundry as I ran out of boxers. As I am writing this, I have a feeling of Deja Vu. I feel like I might have wrote this before or mixed up my mind before in days already. I know that I did a load of the laundry, and transferred it from the washer to the dryer pretty pretty short after finishing in the washer. I went downstairs and the washer was finishing up the final spin. My timing was impeccable. After the dryer scene, I went to check on the clothes around midnight or half past midnight, and everything had a dampness still. I was upset as I would have to do the folding in the morning instead of before sleeping. I ended up falling asleep while texting or watching something on my external monitor as I woke up to it still playing a loop of some of the videos I had, such as the Lost Boys. I have the Lost Boys one, two, and three as I downloaded them and have not got around to watching it since I was kind of lazy and am a huger slacker of things.

I also have a really weird store story today.
So I am sitting watching a soccer game I believe, then i see the Footlocker guy beginning to get into a verbal debacle confrontation with this dude in a leather jacket and a vacuum box. The guy in the leather coat tries to run away down the escalator, but the Foot Locker manager takes him down. The mall security guys helps with subduing him after getting off the Segway. Security guards are not suppose to assist or physically confront anyone, so he told the manager to let the guy go, but fuck that. So the undercover police officer that is usually on duty and at the mall was called in and he got arrested.

So here is the kicker. I record some of this and have photos. I run into the manager that took him down while going to dinner. He explains it sort of as so:
The arrested guy goes into Foot Locker to try on some shoes. Associate goes into back room, comes out, does not know where arrested guy goes. The manager goes looking around for arrested dude because associate said he smelled like alcohol or something of the sort. He drives around outside since he did not think he was going to be driving in his state. If you steal something, and get away with it, get the fuck off the premises. As the manager comes up the escalator, he sees the guy, and confronts him, and such about things. This is where my story in the previous paragraph come into play. While the guy is on the ground, the manager apparently sees an inktag on his jacket or hoody whatever, and was from the Buckle. The jeans were from there as well. The vacuum? Macy's ownership and not paid for of course. The manager goes and talks to the Buckle employees and ask them about him, their reply? "We thought he stole something". What numbskull idiots, along with Macy's loss prevention. How do you not notice a dude walk out with a whole vacuum cleaner box!? Apparently the guy had a crack pipe on him as well. Here goes some pictures. 

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