Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday of Thanksgiving time.

Worked. I went downtown to meet up with Jannine. We watched the Blind Side. She got tickets. I got Buncha Crunch along with Milk Duds. It was a pretty good movie. It was sad at times. Sandra Bullock is a hot older lady. She had blonde hair. The movie is about an guy called Big Mike, who goes from "stupid" to getting a scholarship for football and becoming drafted in the NFL as a left tackle. Movie was really good, so were snacks.
We get out of the movie at twelve o four. We thought the bus stop comes at twelve eleven. We go to the Hennepin and Seventh street stop waiting. We look at the stop times, but it does not show. I was wondering why it is not on the schedule. We go check the next stop, which is Hennepin and Eighth street. It shows up there, because the bus takes Nicollet. While were were waiting at the Seventh street stop, my old roommate and Allan and the short guy see me on their way to Barfly for two dollar drinks or shots.
Me and Jannine missed the bus. We try waiting until half past midnight. We then start walking. The next bus was not coming until one eleven in the morning. We walked through Loring Park and up Hennepin. I end up getting home the time that the bus is supposed to pick us up in downtown.
Jannine was in a trooper hat like thing with a red lumberjack jacket I think, her new super high top furry Sorels and jeans. She does not wear jeans too often as well.

I slept without the alarm on for the first time in months. I woke up at about ten thirty about. I surfed the internet for a little while then. I got ready for the bus at twelve fifty eight. It takes me two hours to bus home. I had to take the bus from Thirty Second and Colfax to downtown Minneapolis, then the ninety four to downtown Saint Paul, then waited there for twenty minutes for the seventy one to go to the corner from my house. I ate some turkey and rice when I got there. I then watched my little brother playing Modern Warfare two, while I watched Saw VI. I then took a nap. I took a nap after eating and watching the two things. I wake up to my uncle and company here. I grabbed some turkey, mash potatoes, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, and potatoes. I eat a whole plateful, then grab the cheesecake. All this is homemade by one of my aunts. She made everything, and then have pecan pie and pumpkin pie from Sam's Club.
I listened to family noise and game playing for a little while. I ended up going to my brother's room and sleeping for like an hour or two. I was tired still. When its about time to go home, my uncle gave me four monster drinks before leaving, I gladly appreciated them for the next day. My brother gives me a ride home; I get home about eleven or so. He drops me off and then heads to Rosedale to camp out for Black Friday sales. I end up going to sleep about midnight or a little half after midnight. Friday comes next, maybe in the morning, or in a little bit. I did not even stuff myself at Thanksgiving. I had a can of pop as well with each meal I had there.

Friday and Saturday next.

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