Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thursday Night and Last.

Thursday Night:
My Supreme box logo grey pullover was to arrive on this day. UPS dropped it off, I was notified by my brother via Facebook.

After work, I biked from Southdale in Edina, Minnesota to home, in Uptown at thirty second street and Emerson Avenue South. I get in and see I have a missed call from Emily. I text back that I just got home, 5 minutes after the call. I get ready which was just changing biking clothes to a white V-neck shirt, because I was planning to wear the pullover home over it. It was only fifty five degrees Fahrenheit outside as well, warm enough where I was wearing shorts as well. Emily comes over with Jannine. They are in a green Camry I believe. I hop in the back to half a mock duck Bun Mi they offer me. Jannine takes a photo of me in the back seat with the sandwich in my hand. We drive off.

We go off using interstate thirty five W north to highway thirty 36 east to Rice street to country road B to McMenemy street to my house. Stalkers. They know where I live now!
Along the car ride they tell they went to this place called Sephora. They bought so much makeup and such to get like this free gifts and used coupons. Jannine bought like an eye curler thing and some non-crease eyeliner I think. She got this clutch purse thing with a lot of sampler makeup as well for the gift item. Emily bought some things too, but did not see it, since she was driving. She was upset about not getting the gift bag. She ended up going again Friday. Ended up buying enough to last a lifetime I think. so she did get the bag.

Got to my house. They came in. I gave a tour of the house. Brosef and Lil' Brosef were not home at the current time of arrival. I showed them the pullover that I was excited to get. It seemed just right. I wished the sleeves were a little slimmer, but I fucks with it. It was really thick and shit. It felt on point, minus the price tag. I showed them my little brothers room, as that was where a winter blanket was. It is a thick Asian one with a peacock imagery on it. Jannine said the house was "very asian" and I was like "yup". I felt it could of used some cleaning. Well, in comparison to my place, was sloppier anyways. I'm obssessed about an organized room though:(

As I was rummaging in my brother's room, my grandma woke up and came out to see me. I said hi and she did the same. We exchanged conversation in Cambodian, Jannine and Emily looking befuddled at the exchange of gibberish, and then I grabbed some candy from my brothers trick or treating. We then left.

The way that Emily drove back was interstate thirty five E south to interstate ninety four west to Hennepin Avenus south. Once back at my place I gave them a tour of that, which was minuscule to their places. They sat on my couch and we talked for a little while until about one past midnight. I ended up telling about my parents and that case. I also got traded them two Le Tigre beanies for the ride instead of biking home, which saved me some time. They fit their head nicely; no more cold scalps.
They were falling asleep and getting dry eyes because I had my mini heater on blowing hot air.
End day.

Friday night:
It was misting when I went outside from work. I biked to Drew boulevard and sixty sixth street. I caught the bus here to home in Uptown. I bike the few blocks from the Hennepin street.

I showered and headed out to meet Emily, Jannine, Ryan, and Pieter at Dulono's pizza at Lyndale and Lake street abouts. On the way there I was pulling up to this intersection, all way stop signs. The bus perpendicular to me was like at a semi-stop and was about to go; I was thinking about not stopping and just going, but decided to veer left and make a circle round while letting the bus pass. BAD IDEA. The bike slid out from under me and I was on my left side. It was wet outside mind you. I had a left calf scrape from the fall. It ended up stinging for most of the night minus the alcohol numbing. I was wearing rolled up jeans, a flannel, and light packable coat.

Dulonos. I found them, seemed the token Asian group in the restaurant. I finished the pizza that was leftover. They had been there since eight in the evening. The pizza was sort of left over because the waiter spilled some beer I think on it. I tasted some beer, but I didn't care at the moment. Interesting funny stories here and there about an hour later, we decided to head out and meet some of Pieter's friends at the Red Dragon. I dropped off my bike blocks away at home, then they picked me up in a black manual Pontiac Sunfire.

Along the way weird stories or so, I do not remember specifically, Ching Chong came up making racist remark of what kids called one of them in school when they could not pronounce their name. We ended up having fun bringing that up during the night for laughs.
Once we were at Red Dragon, the orders that came up were an Michelob Golden Draft and two Wondrous Punches (Bacardi Dark, Light, 151, Grenadine, Juice mix of 4 things I don't remember). The wondrous punch tasted like they put too much alcohol. No flavor of the Grenadine or Juice. It was a disappointing disaster. we ended up sipping it slowly until it was gone, took awhile. I met Cathy, Emily's new roommate in December. There were a lot of black people at the Red Dragon. I was surprised because it is in Uptown. Uptown, I don't see too many black people, no racist.

After many laughs and a cigarette later. I was home at around one after midnight. Thats the time I remember from texting and a phone call I believe.

This morning, I woke up with my left wrist sore. I think it was because of using it to catch my fall slightly last night. Tonight will be the Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto. My bet is on Pacquiao :)


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