Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday Night.

Fight Fight Fight. Fight night.
Well, I got off work. I biked home, got there about nine thirty six, so it was good timing. I hopped in the shower, because I had bike sweat. I get a text from Emily saying "Get over here, I'm surrounded by white people". I chuckled. I also got a few calls or so from a number I haven't added to my phone, ends up being Jannine. I was to pick her up from her place, because she lives across the street, literally. I grab my things after showering and bike over pretty quickly using Fremont street, I thought it was Dupont, wrong way of the alphabet. I end up getting there, wait a few minutes on the bike while she comes outside. We make our way to Emily's.
Emily's place is with a roommate named Lloyd. Lloyd had like a few streams lined up for the fight. It was like three and some change dollars, pretty cheap. The quality was pretty high and smoothly streamed. We got there before the main event. We watched the national anthems and such.
I had a Heineken. We watched the fight. The fight was a lot better than the last few fights. No early endings. It was good like the first half, then Pacquiao took over and flurry fisted Cotto. He eventually got a TKO in the eleventh round. We headed out to meet Emily's church friends who headed out to the Red Dragon during the fight. We had an interesting trek there.
At the Red Dragon, I didn't want to drink anything, I just wanted some chicken wings. The smell from the night before made me crave them. I ordered chicken wings, Emily ordered a Molly Ringwald and cream puffs. Me and Jannine ate the wings. The wings I was dipping into some spicy mustard. The spicy mustard was strong sort of. It was giving my nose that tingly feeling after taste in my nostrils. Me and Jannine ended up helping Emily with the Ringwald. I had it because I needed something to wash my mouth and throat with. I had fun with Jannine's iPhone and iCamera. Conversations were good and laughter was a surplus.
We ended up going back to Emilys. Jannine headed home. She drank a whole bottle of wine, so much alcohol. Mark slept on this inflatable pad. Lloyd was snoozed out. Me and Emily watch Mary and Max. It ended up being sadder of a movie than the trailer portrayed it as. We both ended up falling asleep during a 5 minute span and woke up to what the heck is going on. Emily woke up and made ramen with bokchoy. I ended up finishing it because she didn't, I don't know why. It was scrumptious. I ended up leaving around five in the morning, after she coerced me into flossing and brushing my teeth, since I said don't brush my teeth before sleeping. MY mouth did feel minty fresh sort of. Pictures would of been available, but none taken and shitty upload speeds at work force me to do it at home, which is a little tough.
I bike home, end up remembering what time I slept for the first time in days. I slept at five thirtyish.
C'est La Vie.

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